How To Set Up a GMOD Server: Best GMOD Hosting or IP Hosting?

Garry’s Mod has a heavy community, and with it’s popularity with server hosting, hundreds want to find which game hosting provider is best for Garry’s Mod or ‘GMOD’.

Garry’s Mod is a crazy game with endless possibilities and with game mechanics you’ll need performance from your game hosting provider.

Benefits Of Gmod Hosting with a Game Hosting Provider

Now both Garry’s mod hosting and local hosting can be good, going to a game hosting provider can outweigh local hosting due to a multitude of reasons.

Choosing a game hosting provider over locally hosting is quite easy, but depends on what you’re looking for.

So really it depends on your seriousness, if you’re just wanting to play for a couple days with menial performance, choose IP Hosting, if you can find plenty of guides about this. But, if you’re wanting good performance and decent slots you’ll likely need to choose a game hosting provider for Gmod.

Both Survival Servers and Host Havoc provide an excellent service when it comes to the best GMOD hosting.

IP Hosting Your GMOD Server

Garry’s Mod has recently added support for peer-to-peer, so you can be a server and a player at the same time, however, it’ll use the addons you’re subscribed on to.

Firstly, you’ll need “steamcnd” from the Valve developers wiki. You’ll need to use the App ID 4020, and you’ll need access to the Workshop Collection with a API Key, but for easy set up look up on YouTube.

Generally, most people will go to game hosting providers like GTX Gaming, Survival Servers or Host Havoc.

What Is Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod (GMod) is a Facepunch game published by Valve, and developed by Facepunch Studios. It was developed as a mod for Valve’s Source game engine by Garry Newman and released in December 2004 before expanding into a stand-alone version and Valve released it in November 2006.

In September 2010 and June 2013, ports were respectively taken from the original Microsoft Windows version for Mac OS X and Linux. The Garry’s Mod base game mode is without predetermined goals and offers the player a world to explore freely.

Other game modes, particularly Trouble in Terrorist Town, are developed and installed separately by other developers like mods, for example by the Steam Workshop. Garry’s Mod sold ten million copies since January 2016.

Garry’s Mod has become extremely popular, especially among its server communities, which you can also generate profit from.

Garry’s Mod Multiplayer

Like Minecraft and Rust, GMOD has a popular side of multiplayer and many players are looking to host their own servers for their friends or becoming a popular server for anyone to play on.

Depending on what you want from your multiplayer GMOD server, you’ll want performance due to Garry’s mods graphic demands.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Garry’s Mod Server Host?

According to all the game hosting comparison websites, Survival Servers and Host Havoc are equally matched when compared together, Looking at forums and steam community it appears that Survival Servers is a favorite between the two.

Both game hosting providers have fairly good performance and decent server locations, however, Survival Servers has a custom control panel whereas Host Havoc uses a commonly used panel.

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