Why You Should Join The Fastest Growing UK Competition Website

We live in a world in which there is, frankly, too much stuff. New tech and gadgets appear at an alarming rate, and it’s all we can do to buy the last-generation stuff before the new arrivals completely take over the conversation. With that in mind, finding a way to keep abreast of new technological developments and buy all the stuff you want is of paramount importance. After all, very few people can afford to do everything they’d like to do on a regular salary, right?

That’s where competition sites come in. These platforms allow you to buy into a chance to win some of the most amazing prizes around. Whether it’s a PlayStation 5, an all-expenses-paid trip away, or just cold hard cash (which many of us may well prefer!), competition sites are an excellent way to make sure you’re in with a chance of getting all the latest stuff without needing to break the bank for it. But which competition sites should you join, and why are they a good idea?


What is a competition site?

First, let’s take a look at exactly what competition sites are. In a nutshell, a competition site is a platform on which you can sign up and enter various competitions. These competitions have varying prizes; some of them will be for consumer tech, others could be for holidays or experiences, and still others will simply be straightforward cash prizes. Most competition sites are completely legit, but others need to be avoided as they are unscrupulous and could take your money without giving anything back. You can usually spot these from poor reviews on Trustpilot or similar aggregate sites.


Okay, so which one should I join?

We didn’t title this article “the fastest growing UK competition website” for nothing. Our favourite competition platform is CompetitionGo, because we think it’s simply the best site in the UK for winning great prizes with competitions. CompetitionGo hosts all kinds of contests with prizes like TVs, games consoles, smartwatches, and cash, and their competitions rotate constantly, so you can be sure that even if you’re not into a prize, it won’t be long before another one comes along. If you’re only going to sign up to one site, make it CompetitionGo!

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What marks out a good competition site like CompetitionGo?


There are several things you need to look out for in a great competition site. The first, naturally, is fairness. Is this site going to unfairly skew the results in favour of a person or a particular group of people? CompetitionGo utilises a live draw in order to select winners, and the method is completely fair, with winners posted on the site’s Facebook page for everyone to see.

Another area in which fairness is critical is entries. Competition sites make money by asking people to pay a nominal fee for tickets to enter. CompetitionGo is no different; however, the site uses “mathematical formulas” in order to cap entries, which means you’ll never be able to enter more times than the site thinks is fair. You can, however, enter with multiple tickets!

Great prizes

No competition is worthwhile if it doesn’t offer up great prizes. Happily, that’s a criticism that can’t be levelled at CompetitionGo. At time of writing, prizes up for grabs on the site include an electric scooter, a pair of Apple AirPods, an Apple Watch, and £500 in tax-free cash, among plenty of others. These are just a handful of the competitions you can expect to see if you check in with the site regularly, and as you can tell, the overall standard of the prizes is pretty high!

Good reviews

CompetitionGo currently has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, which isn’t easy to achieve. As you’ll know if you’ve ever interacted with unscrupulous companies before, people are unfailingly honest when it comes to dealings they’ve had with companies that have been less than forthcoming. If CompetitionGo wasn’t on the level, then they wouldn’t have a positive Trustpilot rating; they don’t get to decide which reviews get shown, so the reviews you’re seeing are all completely fair and unbiased.

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CompetitionGo doesn’t set any limits on who can enter its competitions, other than age. If you’re over the age of 18 and you’re based in the UK, you can enter, regardless of gender, age, religion, or any other identifier. If you want to win great prizes, then CompetitionGo is the site for you, and it really doesn’t matter who you happen to be! All you need is a payment method and the willingness to get into the competitive spirit, which we all have deep down!

Good payment options

If you’re looking to enter a competition, it’s important that whatever payment method you want to use is supported by the site. Again, CompetitionGo supports all major payment methods, so no matter which card you want to use in order to enter, you’ll be able to get started. Other notable competition sites like BnGet also support several major payment methods, but they’re often skill-based and thus don’t necessarily treat entrants equally.

We hope that we’ve given you enough information to want to go and check out CompetitionGo. No matter which competition you’re entering, we wish you the best of luck, and don’t forget to buy more than one ticket if you want to increase your chances of winning the big prizes!  

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