5 Ideas to Decorate a Graduation Party 

A graduation party is an important event for every student and their parents. Everyone wants the event to be memorable for a lifetime. One of the critical aspects that exactly contributes to the formation of pleasant memories of the evening is the decoration of the venue. Of course, you can entrust all the stages of decoration to a professional designer, but it will not be cheap. In our material, we have collected a variety of ways to decorate the graduation party place, which students can easily implement with their own hands.


Balloon decorations are a mandatory attribute of graduation festivities in school. This affordable decoration element is easy to work with, and you can make many exciting figures. You can also make a beautiful and voluminous arch from balloons filled with ordinary air. Again you will need to arm yourself with a fishing line and the sufficient number of balloons, but the sequence of work will be different.

The first thing to do is to inflate two balloons and connect them by their tails. Next, take two more balloons and repeat the procedure. The resulting “two” connect crosswise to form a kind of flower with 4 petals ― this will be the main element of the future garland. Make a sufficient number of such “fours” and start assembling.


LED garlands can be used to give a hall a festive glow. You can hang them in many different ways. You can buy garlands in the form of a curtain and hang them on the wings. You get a waterfall effect of light, stunningly illuminating the hall. The curtain garland is great for decorating the tulle on the hall’s windows where the graduation party will be held. You can also hang garland under the ceiling from the center to the edges, allowing the garland to sag beautifully. An unusual solution is to make lettering to decorate the hall from flexible neon. With its help, you can lay out the numbers of the year of graduation or a wish on the wall.

Holiday Textiles

Textiles are a great quick way to hide unsightly places in the hall and make color accents in the right places. With fabric, an ordinary assembly hall can be transformed into a luxurious room that will be the perfect backdrop for the graduation party. We recommend paying attention to such a type of textile as polysilk. This material is inexpensive, but it looks decent, thanks to its flowing texture. In addition, polysilk does not crumple, so the design will look neat. From polysilk, you can make chair covers, drape columns, and tables, make lambrequins for the stage or add curtains on the windows. Also, strips of fabric can be hung from the ceiling. Especially if the hall has a central chandelier and the ceiling has a symmetrical shape, you can pull the textile from the center to the corners.

Paper Flowers

Colored, white, kraft, reaped, and cardboard paper is a versatile material from which you can make incredible decorations for the prom hall. For example, you can make roses from corrugated paper to decorate the hall. To create beautiful roses with your own hands, you will need: corrugated paper of green and any other color (white, red, pink), scissors, a glue gun, paper tape, wire, and wooden skewers or twigs.


A fan is easy to make from colored paper and attached to any surface with pins, double tape, or ribbons. The fans are placed on the ceiling, walls, curtains and attached to furniture. Garlands on fishing line and panels of fans connected in a circle can be used to make a photo area and decorate the back of the stage.

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