Nerdy Essentials: What to Put in Your Mini Fridge

Imagine you are in the middle of playing your favourite computer game. You are finally cracking that level you have been struggling with for weeks. But, oh no! You feel your eyelids getting heavy. Your energy levels are powering down. Your stomach is starting to sound a lot like the monster you are fighting. You have to go and find sustenance to restore you to your full power, but you have left the game and lost your flow. Nobody wants this.

If you want to focus on hunting for monsters and not food in your own home, you should invest in a mini fridge. You can pick one up for pretty cheap these days. But what should you put in it?

1. Energy Drinks

Gamers love energy drinks. Walk into any gaming cafe and you will probably see every kind of energy drink under the sun.

You only need to walk into a food shop to see that energy drinks are now a massive market, with many drinks targeted specifically at gamers looking for a quick buzz. Lots of gamers play online for ages, and it isn’t rare for them to play all day. When you are immersed in a digital world, you are looking for a quick buzz of energy, not a full 3-course meal, making energy drinks ideal.

It can be a bit overwhelming choosing which one to try, the shelves are full of different flavours and types. Some of our favourites are Monster Juiced Mango Loc, Red Bull Tropical Sugar-Free, and Rockstar Xdurance Blueberry Pomegranate Acai. Some cans are even printed with characters from our favourite games.

2. Coffee

Although energy drinks are everywhere in the gaming world, not everybody enjoys the fruity and artificial flavours available. Sometimes you have to go back to basics, and coffee is THE original energy drink. No longer basic, coffee has had a reboot. You can buy cans, bottles, frappes, lattes, and cold brew. There is a coffee to suit everyone!

There are lots of brands selling chilled coffee in cans and bottles, from big companies to small local independent brewers. This means there is a coffee for everyone. There are even ones made using responsibly sourced coffee beans and plant milks.

3. Water

Games these days are incredibly engaging and you can find yourself fully immersed in them, forgetting the world around you. It can be all too easy to finish playing and realise you haven’t had a sip of water in hours! By putting a bottle of cold water in your fridge you can make sure you are always hydrated.

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Lots of gaming-specific drinks come as a powder, so it is a good idea to have chilled water to make these. Some popular brands are Rouge, Mixt, and Ju Ju Energy. These are sold in tubs to be mixed with cold water.

In many places, tap water is just as tasty as bottled water so it is silly to go out and buy it. Instead, find yourself one or two refillable bottles. You can have one chilling in your fridge while you drink the other. Staying hydrated has never been so easy!

4. Meal Replacement Drinks

Sometimes you are starving but can’t take a break because you are at a really important bit. What should you do? Well, a good way to fend off those hunger pangs is by stocking some meal replacement drinks.

Just like energy drinks, there are lots to choose from. You can buy some with added protein, and lots of them also have added minerals and vitamins. Who can complain about that?!

5. Milkshakes

Nothing beats a cold thick milkshake when you’re hungry and thirsty. You can’t beat the originals; chocolate, strawberry, and banana. These usually contain fresh milk, so make sure you check the use by dates regularly. Nobody wants to drink curdled milkshake!

6. Chilled Snacks

Filling your mini fridge with drinks is all good if you are only playing for shorter amounts of time. However, if you are gaming for more than a few hours (which is most of us) you will probably find your stomach begins to grumble. You have probably eaten crisps and sweets when you can’t tear yourself away from an important part or level, not ideal.

But instead, you could have snacks that are better for you like boiled eggs, sandwiches, salads, wraps, sushi, and rice. We also love snacking on protein yogurts and cooked meats like chicken breast and salami. Let your imagination go wild!

7. Fresh Fruit

One food that you probably don’t think about with gaming is fruit, but fruit is a great quick snack packed full of healthy goodness. Pots of berries are ideal as they are easy to eat with one hand. To be extra healthy you can mix in some nuts and seeds. Loads of shops sell pots of ready to eat fruit, but preparing your own will always be cheaper.

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  1. Why might someone need a mini fridge while gaming?
    • To keep snacks and drinks close by, ensuring gamers don’t have to leave their computer and lose their flow during intense gaming sessions.
  2. What are some popular energy drinks recommended for gamers?
    • Some of the favourites mentioned are Monster Juiced Mango Loc, Red Bull Tropical Sugar-Free, and Rockstar Xdurance Blueberry Pomegranate Acai.
  3. Why is coffee suggested as an alternative to energy drinks for gamers?
    • While energy drinks are popular, not everyone likes their fruity and artificial flavors. Coffee, as the original energy drink, comes in various forms like cans, bottles, frappes, lattes, and cold brew, suiting different tastes.
  4. What is the importance of having water in a gamer’s mini fridge?
    • Games can be engaging, and players may forget to hydrate. Keeping cold water in the fridge ensures they remain hydrated. Some gaming-specific drinks also come as powders that need to be mixed with cold water.
  5. What are some popular brands of gaming-specific drinks that come in powder form?
    • Some mentioned brands are Rouge, Mixt, and Ju Ju Energy.
  6. How can meal replacement drinks be beneficial for gamers?
    • Meal replacement drinks are ideal for gamers who are hungry but can’t take a break. These drinks often contain protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  7. What are the classic milkshake flavors recommended for gamers?
    • The classic flavors include chocolate, strawberry, and banana.
  8. What are some chilled snack suggestions that are healthier than crisps and sweets for gamers?
    • Some healthier chilled snack options include boiled eggs, sandwiches, salads, wraps, sushi, rice, protein yogurts, chicken breast, and salami.
  9. Why is fresh fruit recommended as a snack for gamers?
    • Fresh fruit is a healthy quick snack option, and pots of berries, in particular, are easy to eat with one hand. Mixed with nuts and seeds, they offer added health benefits.
  10. In conclusion, why is a mini fridge considered essential for serious gamers?


For anyone serious about gaming, a mini fridge stocked with lots of energy-laden things is a must! That way you won’t have to leave your computer when you feel tired or hungry. Instead, you can focus on gaming! We hope our list has given you some ideas about what to put in yours to keep you playing games all day or night, improving those scores and beating those monsters!

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