How to make money from Android apps?

Mobile phone apps, including Android apps, are quickly becoming a source for money-making activities. You do not necessarily need to have a retail store or an online website to find the source of your earnings, rather you can also do that through Android apps, which is what we will be exploring in this guide.

  • Electronic Bill Payment. This is also an effective means of helping users pay their pending bills of water, landline, electricity, DTH, and many other services. Instead of visiting the bank, local offices, or cyber cafes, users can pay their bills from their Android mobile phones. You, as the app developer/owner, will not charge users for using your app to make their bill payments, but on every bill payment, you will receive a commission from the companies or authorities for whom the users pay the bill.
  • Physical Services. Android apps can also be used to provide physical services as a way to make money. You just need to provide services to users and get paid for the same. For instance, you can provide the services of an electrician, makeup artist, website designer, graphic designer, or even sublet your location.
  • Crowdfunding. There are some Android apps that you can use for crowdfunding, collecting money from others to attract a large number of buyers to your products and services. Crowdfunding generally refers to a scenario where a large number of people contribute a sum towards any kind of project. That project can be anything from requesting money for medical surgery or starting up your own business. Some of the Android apps such as Kickstarter, CrowdFunder, AppsFunder, Indiegogo, etc. are some of the few that a software developer can use to raise funds for his marketing or development needs.
  • Selling Goods. E-commerce apps work through the revenue generate model, but you don’t need to make an e-commerce app to sell your products. Your app’s only condition had to be selling the products only, to generate revenue. If possible, you can also design the app so that other users can also sell their products on your Android application. Take Craiglist, for example, which is basically a platform for classified ads including listings of garage sales, used cars, jobs, and more.
  • Ads. You can even allow other marketers and businesses to run their ads on your Android app. If you have an app that is free to use, the one way you can have your money back is by playing their ads on it. You just need to display commercials in your Android app or get paid from a third-party ad network for affiliate marketing. That way you will be paid when the user clicks on the ad or when he installs the app through the ad. You are also paid every time an ad is displayed by the user.
  • In-app purchases. This is also a very useful feature that can be utilized. In this model, users can access special content and features such as leveling up in a mobile game, attaining a restricted level, or other additional features. This leads to an empowered user experience. If you have created a free game app for Android users, you can provide users with in-app purchases for an enhanced user experience. Forbes[ZI1]  has stated that in-app purchase leads to generating the highest revenue for app owners.
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There you have it, some of the best ways that you can utilize Android apps. As a result of these ways to utilize Android apps, it doesn’t seem like the growth of the Android market app is stopping anytime soon. Publishers and app developers are also applying new monetization methods to keep up with the increased competition. Amazon’s service called Merch by Amazon[ZI2]  is a platform that allows publishers to create their artwork, upload, and promote their products.

Before applying all these money-making features to your Android app, your app should be tested and monitored for smooth navigation. You will need an internet connection for that. Even for putting your Android app on the map a.k.a. on the internet, you will need a seamless internet connection. We recommend CenturyLink Internet which has multiple internet plans based on their reasonable pricing, which you will have to compromise on if you ever intend to utilize your Android app.

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