4 Things We (Still) Love About GTA Online

Did you know it’s been over a decade since the Grand Theft Auto V video game was released? The same year, all fans of this action-adventure game by Rockstar Games got to try its online component – GTA Online. This was the first time for the fans of the iconic series to get access to such a component, and judging by the response (and a few other things), they loved it! This online multiplayer action-adventure game is available on next-gen consoles and PC. If you’re wondering why you should play GTA online years after its release, we prepared a list of 4 things we still love about this title!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Just because it was released in 2013, this doesn’t mean that GTA Online is the same as it was back then. On the contrary, the continuous updates made this title stay relevant. We all know how modern gamers have high expectations, and this release meets most of these expectations.

We will notice at least one per year if we look closely at the updates. Most of these updates include new locations and new items. However, some of them provide new abilities for players.

For example, in 2022, the game got an Adversary Mode in which Lamar and Franklin lead the story. Interestingly, Rockstar didn’t announce this update. The same year, we got the Los Santos Drug Wars update that provided new story missions, clothes, and vehicles. We also got a new social place known as The Freakshop.

The latter got a second part in 2023, known as The Last Dose, and also included fresh story missions, clothes, and vehicles. The same year, a unique multi-floor vehicle garage became part of GTA Online. Players also got to find new collectible drug caches and shop robbery events.

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Having Fun with the Mini-Games

No matter how often we play the mini-games available in GTA Online, we always have fun with them. Like in the case of GTA V, the online version has several mini-games on its offer. For instance, you can play golf whenever you want. Players can also get involved in tennis, hunting, and throwing darts.  

According to many players, visiting the casino (it became available in 2019) is one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding things when playing GTA Online.

You can play blackjack, roulette, and three card poker there. Additionally, you can try slot machines and virtual racing. This allows you to play for prizes like chips that can be turned into in-game credits, clothing, or other items. The only thing missing here is playing live baccarat real money game, which would make it more similar to legitimate online casinos. Still, this option may become available in future updates.

Socialization with Random Players and Friends

One thing that makes online games with multiplayer modes attractive is the opportunity to interact with random players and friends. Fortunately, GTA Online is still a trendy option, so you can expect many players online regardless of the time of the day.

Many players agree that the GTA experience you can expect when you play this title with your family and/or friends is incredible. For instance, you can create a crew and assign your buddies to various positions. Of course, they can make progress and unlock new features as they progress.

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Playing with random people and including them in your crew is also fun, but there’s a downside. Namely, you never know when they can switch sides and decide to work against you. It’s better to play with someone you know because it vouches for greater success in the long run.

Customization and Progression

At GTA Online, players can expect a robust character customization and progression system. For instance, every player can come up with a unique character that they will create from scratch. You can choose the character’s gender, appearance, clothing, and accessories. As a result, you can create a character that reflects your personality.

Progressing in this online video game will help you get more clothes and unlock various hairstyles, tattoos, and other things that will make you more recognizable.

Accumulating in-game currency as your progress will allow you to buy properties like houses, apartments, and penthouses. Think of these places as safe houses that provide access to fun gameplay features. For instance, owning specific properties allows you to unlock heist planning rooms. Also, you can customize and store vehicles in vehicle garages.

As for vehicle customization, you can buy a wide array of vehicles (boats, airplanes, motorcycles, cars, etc.). You can work on their paint job, performance upgrades, body kits, and other things that will make them unique.

Finally, we’ll note that progressing at this title will enable you to invest in legitimate businesses and criminal enterprises. You can run a nightclub if you don’t want any problems with the law. On the other hand, if you are prepared for riskier ventures, you can run an illegal operation that lets you make drugs, smuggle goods, and/or counterfeit banknotes.

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