5 Coolest Stunts You Can Pull Off in Battlefield 2042

The question: “What can you do in the new Battlefield game?” is usually best answered with a slew of YouTube clips – endless variations of death by wingsuit, or C4-strapped jeeps veering into mobs of unsuspecting foot soldiers.

Nevertheless, in this blog, we’re going to do our best to inform you of some cunning carnage and deft tricks to put you ahead of your competition. The game itself systematically rewards those willing to test their limits and get creative – to saddle-up on falling bombs (Strangelove style). Now, the chaos-scape has been enlarged and enhanced, every action is a risk. There’s no way to cheat, but certain methods and tactics can be employed to attract moments of sheer genius and redefine what’s possible on this digital canvas.

These are the kinds of dirty tricks war committees are built to detect. In Battlefield 2042 – out now on PlayStation, Xbox and PC – you can change the rules and enter into the most epic battles yet with an anarchic flair.

The happy, debris-showered saga of EA and Dice continues…

5. Death by OV-P Recon Drone

In the annals of incredible kills, this one will likely appear quite frequently. First up, you’ll need to use the Casper Perk to summon an OV-P Recon Drone. Go ahead and plant a few pliable C5 explosives on that drone and then fly the payload headlong into the nearest enemy tank. Kaboom!

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4. Death by Wildcat on the Hot Tin Roof

Next up, if you’re hunkered down in an especially hairy bit of skyscraper combat – let’s say you’re caught on the rooftop with enemy helicopters bearing down on you from all sides – it’s time to break out the all-purpose EBAA Wildcat. Parachute that armoured bad boy in overhead and hop in when it lands. Then pretend you’re at the controls of a TIE fighter, swivel the turret and lock on to your helo-foes with the anti-aircraft gun.

3. Death by Mastery of the Classes

For our next trick, we’re turning to the Dark Arts of levelling up and ripping those ‘newb’ stickers off your uniform as speedily as possible. The best way to get to grips with this new theatre of war is to battle it out repeatedly against waves of bots. Steer clear of the Battlefield Portal’s heady mania and secretly unlock various Weapons and Classes, honing your use of automatic turrets and getting to know the intricacies of each Operator (take Boris, for example, who is supposedly an assault operator, but is actually way more effective as the Sniper Class).

2. Death by Ammo Control

One of the more obvious ways to die in Battlefield 2042 is to run out of ammo. And, of course, the last thing you want is for a sitting duck to finally emerge in front of you, while all you can do is start dry firing and cursing yourself from a distance. To counter this blunder, attach more than one magazine to your weapon’s Plus Menus and switch ammo types when your clip drains to zero. This way you can avoid scrounging ammo from other teammates, or fumbling over the scraps left behind by fallen players. Instead, simply switch up and stay in the fight for longer. Just remember that different ammo types have varying characteristics.

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1. Death by High-flying Hovercraft

This one is straight out of an early James Bond film and a definite ‘must-try’, so long as you can withstand the buggy UI for vehicle call-ins. There are all kinds of vehicles and UAVs available for heavy, last-minute assistance in the game, from Robot Dogs to Tanks. The LCAA Hovercraft is undoubtedly one of our favourites. Not only can this buoyant beast skitter over water, but there’s also a bug that exists in the game (at least at the time of writing this), which allows you to fly up and climb vertical walls and buildings at high speeds. Snatch the advantage while you can – right now, it’s best used in Hourglass and makes for some very creative vehicular play.

There you have it! We hope these dastardly tricks serve you well in the heat of the fray. Battlefield 2042 is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Xbox One and PC.

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