Are CSGO Casino Games Really Random?

Before you wager your hard-earned skins or cash, you should know whether CS:GO casino games are really random or rigged against you. To answer this question, we will talk about the system that most games like CSGO Crash, Roulette, Jackpot and playing fair CSGO coinflip games which use Provably Fair.

We will explain how this system works and how you can verify it on your own, to see how it makes it possible for CS:GO casino games to be truly random.

Provably Fair

This system allows the CS:GO casinos to generate random results in each one of the games they offer. It works by generating a hexadecimal string (server seed), which is then “unlocked” by a server seed and the system obtains a nonce as the results, which is the result of the game along with the ID of the game in question.

Simply put, let’s think of the public seed as a case that contains the randomly generated result. And to open this case, you need the server seed, which acts as the key to the case. Once the case is open, you will be able to know the result.

It’s important to remark that no party can know the results beforehand, and this is what makes the Provably Fair system the best out there. The server seed, which is randomly generated, is not in control of the casino, so it makes things fair, random and trustworthy. 

Results You Can Trust

You don’t have to trust the CS:GO casinos just because they tell you that the results are randomly generated, because you can verify them yourself. Everything is recorded in a blockchain, be it the last 100, 200, 500, 1000, or 9237223636 results. 

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If you know your way around programming languages like Python, you can create a small program to analyze the results by extracting data from the blockchain that the casino is using to generate and record the results.

In fact, some users have used this feature to create their own strategies for games like Crash and Roulette. This also proves that Provably Fair is actually random because you can check and analyze the results the way you wish. 

If you don’t know coding and don’t want to use your time learning it and creating your own program, a simple Google search for “[CS:GO gambling game] + strategy” will bring you access to the info you will need.

Choosing The Right CS:GO Gambling Site

The games you play will be random as long as the CS:GO gambling site is Provably Fair. If they don’t use this system, then chances are the games will be rigged against you at some point. However, you should also make sure that the CS:GO gambling site has been audited by a reputable firm like iTechLabs. This will bring you peace of mind and certainty that the games will be random and fair.

Make sure that the site you choose is free from accusations of freezing funds or other related problems. You want games that are 100% random but also a platform that will treat your money with responsibility, because skins are a valuable asset.

If you don’t know how to select a CS:GO gambling site, you should check out reviews websites that focus on CS:GO gambling. They usually have good recommendations, backed up by  an analysis written by specialists in the field. Compare different sites, check which one brings you the most benefits such as welcome bonuses and the games you want to play, and then try the ones that you like the most.

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Final Words

As you can see, you can trust CS:GO casino games as long as they are Provably Fair, and if they’re hosted by a reputable, transparent and trustworthy CS:GO gambling site. You know what steps to take now, so just take action to start wagering your skins to win amazing prizes.

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