Best Games Arriving February 2024

best games arriving february 2024

Last year was a big one for the gaming industry. We were treated to some astounding games (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to name just one!), but the industry also suffered some massive losses with many companies laying off thousands of talented workers.

Luckily, there are some cracking games set to be released in February 2024 so don’t feel too glum. We will see original pirate and knight games, as well as several direct remakes of some absolute classics. What better way to wait for Spring than to immerse yourself in any of these great February 2024 games? 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Feb. 2)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam 

suicide squad

For any fans of the DC Universe, this game is going to be a big deal. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Squad is the brainchild of Rocksteady Studios, who gave us the Batman Arkham series. Set five years later, this game follows a similar narrative style and feel.

This game is an action shooter style, and the main plot is that Brainaic has brainwashed members of the Justice League, turning the once-celebrated heroes into villains intent on reaping destruction on Metropolis. The player can control one of the 4 Suicide Squad members and is given the task of hunting down the brainwashed Justice League members and killing them. 

You can either focus on completing the mission solo or work with other characters that are controlled by AI or roam around Metropolis. This game declares itself as ‘genre-defying’ and it definitely lives up to this claim. As well as free-roaming play, there is some very realistic combat and gameplay.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (Feb. 13)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows

banishers ghosts of new eden

Ghosthunters Anita and Red find themselves in New Eden in 1695, a haunted town battling against ghosts. Playing as these protagonists, you are set the task of relieving this community of this spooky curse.

Along the way, Anita is killed and moves over to the other side and you can use her new supernatural skills to help you thwart and vanquish these evil spirits. You can explore realistic landscapes on what unfolds to be a tale of love, bravery, and revenge. 

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a dark game that is steeped in mysteries and unique characters that propel the storyline while no expense has been spared when it comes to graphics and performance. If RPGs are your cup of tea, this is definitely a game to look out for. 

Tomb Raider Remastered (Feb. 14)

Platforms: PlayStation 4 + 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch

Tomb Raider is without a doubt one of the most popular and most played games of all time with the franchise generating a whopping $1.2 billion (yes, you read the right!)

The long-haired heroine has been the protagonist of several games as well as a few movies of varying degrees of success. This new release is less of a new game than a touching-up of the original games. Lara Croft first hit our screens in 1996 and if you have ever watched old videos of the game back, it shows its age with clunky graphics and stilted gameplay. 

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Lara Croft Remastered has the same gameplay as the original, with updated and improved graphics. All the expansion packs and secret levels are incorporated making this the definitive game for any Lara Croft fans. Sometimes the original just doesn’t need messing with too much. 

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Feb. 16)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

mario vs donkey

For old-school Nintendo gamers, the Mario vs. Donkey Kong feud is a familiar affair dating back to 2004 when it first hit our dinky Game Boy Advances. 

This modern imagining of the original game sees updated graphics that you would expect from a Nintendo Switch game.

This game follows the same premise as the original, the villainous Donkey Kong has raided the factory and taken all the Mini Mario toys. You then play as Mario and complete puzzle-based levels to find keys and unlock the doors where the Mini Marios are hidden. 

This game is pretty true to the original except for one main difference: local co-op play. With the Switch, you can play with a friend, and we all know that two minds are better than one. Well, that depends on your friends…

Skull and Bones (Feb. 16)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows

skull and bones

Whispers of Skull and Bones were first heard in the gaming world way back in 2013 and it has taken ten long years for our dreams to finally be realized.

Skull and Bones is an open-world game where players control their pirate ship. There are two modes of play open to you. The first is single-player, where you sail around the Indian Ocean with the option of completing campaigns. If this all sounds a bit lonesome to you, you can team up with up to four other players and venture to the Disputed Waters. Here you can battle against other tribes.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (Feb. 22)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

If RPGs and mythical lands get you excited, you’ll be pretty excited to hear that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale hits the shelves this February. The game is set in a fantasy realm in the world of Arthurian legend. This game was released on Windows in April 2022 but this February sees it come to PS5 and Xbox.

At the start of the game, Mordred has died while killing King Arthur, but both have come back to life. King Arthur is quickly corrupted and turns to the dark side. The Lady of the Lake calls upon King Arthur’s mortal enemy, Mordred, to vanquish him and his evil ways. 

You then play as Mordred this gameplay that is turn-based tactical combat. You can add three more knights to your troupe and these can be sent off to complete separate quests. As you progress, you can gain special abilities and skills to help you defeat your foes. And if you ever get bored of this, you can play versus mode against your friends!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake (Feb. 28)

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows

Another remake we are hotly waiting for in February is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake which was developed by Avantgarden SRL. If you are a fan of the 2013 game this remake is true to the original, but there are also new secrets to keep it interesting.

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You play as the two titular brothers, whose father has fallen despearately ill. The only way to save him is to embark on an epic journey and seek the ‘Water of Life.’

Similar to Lara Croft: Remastered, this is less of a new game than the original game repackaged with updated graphics and better performance gameplay. The characters will feel familiar, as will the settings, but both have been updated and refined for the discerning 2024 gamer. The original music has even been rerecorded using a live orchestra, which helps elevate this classic game to the next level.

For fans of these timeless games, there is a chance to get stuck in again. If you are a newcomer, you won’t be disappointed by this epic tale of familial love, loss, and discovery.

Star Wars: Dark Forces (Feb. 28)

Platforms: PlayStation 4 + 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch

2024 definitely seems to be the year of the remake, and February sees the turn of the popular 1995 first-person shooter game, Star Wars: Dark Forces. Originally released by LucasArts, it has received the Nightdive Studios treatment, which restores classic games for modern platforms and players.  

February sees their newest endeavor in the shape of Star Wars: Dark Forces. Nightdive Studios have worked their magic and this updated version runs at up to 4k resolution on modern platforms. The lighting has been improved as well as updating the gameplay for gamepads. 

As in the original, you play as Kyle Katarn, who defected from the Galactic Empire and works instead as a mercenary. He then joins the Rebel Alliance and with these fighters, you battle stormtroopers and battle droids. Back in 1995, this game raised the bar for FPS games and boasted some of the best movement and interactivity at the time.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Feb. 29)

Platforms: PlayStation 5

​​Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is the eagerly awaited second part of the remake trilogy. This set of games offers an updated reimagining of the original 1997 game and it is even headed by the original director who is now acting as producer.

The first game, Remake was released in 2020 and was popular among fans of the original and newcomers to the franchise, and by September 2023 it had sold an impressive 7 million games. 

The next game is livelier than Remake, following Cloud and his journey across Gaia to track down his enemy Sephiroth. This game combines strategic planning with state-of-the-art battle combat. 

Rebirth is a standalone game, so if you haven’t played Remake, it won’t impact your enjoyment and playing. However, there is a built-in story recap on the main menu if you would like to catch up on the previous game’s events. If you have spent hours playing Remake, don’t despair, there’s a wealth of new characters and original environments to make this game feel fresh and to keep you on your toes.


Although it is the shortest month, February still manages to pack in an impressive number of new releases that we can’t wait for. 

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