DualSense Edge vs. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Both Sony and Microsoft have recently announced new additions to their controller lineups. The DualSense Edge is a major new PlayStation 5 controller that will boast a huge amount of customisable features, while the Xbox Elite Series 2 is aiming for the same crowd. How do these two controllers stack up against one another, though? Let’s take a look at them head-to-head, taking in design, price, release date, and other factors. Which one will emerge victorious? Is there a clear winner in this conflict? We’re excited to find out!

Release date

The DualSense Edge does not yet have a release date. Sony says it will share more information about its controller in the next few months, so it’s going to be a good while before we hear more about it, we’d wager. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, on the other hand, is already available, and a new Core version is coming on September 21st, so we know exactly when those controllers are arriving. If you absolutely must have a customisable controller right now, then you’ll need to plump for the Xbox Elite controller, because the DualSense Edge isn’t arriving for a while yet.

Winner: Xbox Elite


When it comes to purchasing options, Xbox has Sony beat hands-down, at least right now. As we’ve already mentioned, the Xbox Elite controller is already available for purchase, while the DualSense Edge hasn’t come out yet. The Xbox Elite controller has two options available, one of which (the Core) comes without many of the extra accessories that the standard Elite controller is bundled with. The DualSense Edge, however, doesn’t seem to have these options (although it’s possible we simply don’t know about them yet). As such, we’re giving this one to the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Winner: Xbox Elite


It’s hard to say whether the DualSense Edge or Xbox Elite Series 2 wins in terms of overall feel, but we do know one thing: the standard DualSense just feels better to use than the Xbox Elite controller ever has. Its haptic feedback motors and adaptive triggers make it feel like a properly next-gen controller, while the Xbox Elite controller can sometimes feel a bit like it’s stuck in the past, even with all of its fancy bells and whistles. This one’s going to Sony in a preliminary sense, although we should clarify that without a hands-on for both controllers, this is an educated guess.

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Winner: DualSense Edge


Both the DualSense Edge and the Xbox Elite controller are geared heavily towards customisation. The DualSense Edge will let you swap out stick caps, back buttons, and stick modules, but the Xbox Elite controller is truly next-level when it comes to control over your experience. It lets you swap out not only triggers and stick caps, but also the D-pad, and it also lets you adjust the tension of your thumbsticks and shorten your hair trigger locks. Sorry, Sony, but we’re going to have to give this one to the Xbox controller again.

Winner: Xbox Elite


The DualSense Edge will be compatible with every device with which the current DualSense is compatible, which means you’ll be able to use it on PC and PlayStation 5. On the other hand, the Xbox Elite controller’s compatibility spans more devices; you can use it with the Xbox Series X|S consoles, of course, but you can also use it with the Xbox One range as well as Windows PCs, and it’s geared towards the latter as well as the former. Still, we’re going to call this one a tie, because both controllers are intended for their respective ecosystems and can’t be used with one another, so whichever one you buy will be a matter of which ecosystem you’re more heavily invested in.

Winner: Tie


It’s almost impossible to judge whether the Xbox controller or the DualSense Edge “looks” better. Aesthetics are an intensely personal matter; your mileage will very much vary regarding which one you think is the better-looking option. For our money, Sony’s DualSense looks nicer than the standard Xbox controllers; it’s a little less chunky and bulky, and we like our controllers to be sleek and slim. We’re going to give this one to Sony arbitrarily, but bear in mind that this is very, very subjective, so if you prefer the look of the Xbox Elite Series 2, hand this point to Microsoft instead.

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Winner: DualSense Edge


It really isn’t fair to compare the controllers on price right now. The DualSense Edge has only just been announced and doesn’t even have a tentative price tag, although you can expect it to be a damn sight more expensive than the standard DualSense thanks to the extra features it offers. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller’s Core option makes it an arguably more attractive prospect, but on the other hand, the Core doesn’t come with many of the extra buttons, bells, and whistles that the standard Elite does, so it’s also a less attractive proposition if that’s the most important part of the controller to you. We don’t yet know if there’s going to be a DualSense Edge Core equivalent, so we’re going to have to abstain from this one.

Winner: Jury’s out

Final verdict

In the categories in which we’ve tried to judge the DualSense Edge and the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, the Xbox option just about edges it in terms of customisation and different options, as well as just…well…being available right now. However, since the DualSense Edge isn’t out yet, it’s unfair to judge Sony’s controller against the Xbox Elite Series 2. Take this competition in the spirit in which it’s intended; a bit of fun ahead of what is a very exciting time for both PlayStation and Xbox fans. 

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