Exoprimal – Release Date, Trailer, Features, Details, And More!

When rumours of Exoprimal’s existence first began to circulate, many wondered if it could be a new entry in the long-dormant Dino Crisis series. Artwork depicting dinosaurs and humans battling them made many Dino Crisis fans excited; could this finally be the sequel they’d been waiting for? Eventually, it turned out that Exoprimal was a very different beast to the game they’d expected it to be, and it seems as though this made disappointed fans unfairly disposed against Capcom’s new shooter from the off.

It’s not too long until we finally get our hands on Exoprimal now, and it’s finally starting to shake off the shackles of, well, not being Dino Crisis. With that said, though, what exactly is Exoprimal? We know what it isn’t, but what will the game actually offer to players? Let’s take a look at everything we currently know about Exoprimal, including its release date, the trailers we’ve seen so far, and more.

Exoprimal release date – when can you play Capcom’s dino shooter?

Exoprimal is set to arrive on PC and consoles, including last-gen consoles, on July 14th. Network tests have been held over the last year or so to determine the strength of Exoprimal’s online features, too, so you know that when the game does launch, it’ll likely be a robust and solid experience. There was also an open beta in March, so Exoprimal has been put through its paces prior to release. Let’s hope that was enough to ensure a smooth launch.

Exoprimal platforms – where can you play the game?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Exoprimal is only going to arrive on PC and current-gen consoles, but that’s not the case. You will be able to play Exoprimal not only on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, but also on PS4 and Xbox One. Time will tell whether the game’s performance will be up to scratch on last-gen consoles, as that’s been something that developers have struggled with recently (although this doesn’t apply so much to Capcom, admittedly).

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Exoprimal trailers – what footage has been released so far?

The first Exoprimal trailer we got to see was released in March 2022. This reveal trailer introduced us to the high-tech world of Exoprimal, which combines robotic exoskeleton suits with dinosaur horde-slaying. It was around this time that people began to wonder whether Exoprimal was part of the Dino Crisis universe, especially since the project enjoys the involvement of Dino Crisis producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

Following the reveal trailer, Capcom released a developer overview giving us more information about Exoprimal, its world, and the gameplay mechanics it’ll employ. That trailer showed us that Exoprimal will be a live-service-style PvPve (player versus player versus environment) game and that it will focus exclusively on multiplayer gameplay. 

A new gameplay trailer was then released in June 2022, showing how moment-to-moment gameplay will work in Exoprimal. The following day, a 15-minute extended gameplay preview was unleashed on the world, showing a full match of Exoprimal and how teams will work against one another while completing PvE objectives. 

Naturally, the most exciting element of Exoprimal is arguably its dinosaurs, and that’s likely why the next big Exoprimal trailer gave us a brief look at those dinosaurs. It looks like you’re going to need coordinated tactics to bring them down, and there will be a large variety of dinosaurs to battle as well, so hopefully, Exoprimal shouldn’t feel too stale even if you’ve been playing it for a while.

Capcom had hitherto neglected the story of Exoprimal, so it’s only right that a story trailer should be released a couple of months after the dinosaur overview, giving us a look at the world and characters of the game. Many players will likely choose not to engage too closely with the story elements of the game, but it’s nice that some thought has been put into them at any rate.

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Finally, a couple of months ago, Capcom unveiled a release date trailer for Exoprimal, allowing us to see when the game is going to be released. This one’s more of an overview-style victory lap trailer for the game; if you want to know more about it, you’ll have to play it for yourself!

Exoprimal features – what kind of game is it?

Exoprimal is a multiplayer-focused third-person shooter in which you’ll team up with other players to battle both dinosaurs and rival player teams. You’ll complete a series of objectives involving said dinosaurs while racing the other team to be the first to complete those objectives. Here are some of the gameplay features you can look forward to in Exoprimal.

  • Exosuits with different roles. There will be three roles available for players: assault, tank, and support. As you’d imagine, assault is all about damage, while tanks soak up punishment and support players help their teammates. 
  • Gear to augment loadouts. Although exosuits are geared towards certain roles, you can offset their weaknesses with different “Rigs”. These pieces of equipment may, for instance, give a short-range exosuit a long-range sniper weapon, or might give a tank the chance to heal themselves.
  • Dinosaurs. Hey, who doesn’t want the chance to kick some dinosaur butt? The main gameplay mode, Dino Survival, pits you and your friends against massive dinosaur enemies; you’ll sometimes need to work with rival teams to put them down. Neosaur mutations also ensure that there will be unusual dinosaur variants to battle, so you’ll have to put strategies together to overcome these special foes.
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