How to Beat DDoS Attacks on Gamers

A game system is quite vulnerable to attacks from hackers that damage the game server. This time we will discuss what DDoS is and its dangers for online games in the following article.

When playing games, of course, you hope that your game is in good condition. Even if maintenance happens, you’re annoyed because you can’t play.

So what if the game you are playing is forced to go for maintenance, not because of an update but because of an attack on the game server?

What is DDoS?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is one type of cyber-attack that has been quite famous in recent years. So this DDoS works to damage the system by making the network server take-down. That is why DDoS is referred to as a form of hack that attacks servers.

The hacker behind it will increase unverified traffic from various sources to the system so that the server becomes overloaded. The system, which is in a take-down condition, takes a long time to be repaired and make it recover again.

Whether or not the repair process takes a long time depends on how the party from the game repairs its system.

DDoS Danger

When the server of a game is overloaded, the game server can no longer be accessed by the game players.

This means that players will not be able to access the game, both for playing and even just logging in. That’s because the game server always denies player access with the error.

As a result, the game will experience maintenance in an uncertain time when it will end. That’s because it depends on how the game is in repair.

Also, during the repair process, players must wait until the system recovers and can only play as usual. But take it easy because this DDoS only attacks the game system so that the game can no longer be accessed while in an error condition.

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DDoS does not delete data, be it player account data or other data in the game. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your account when a DDoS attack occurs.

However, although the attack only focuses on the game system, it’s never too late to install a VPN as an additional layer of protection. Not all kinds of VPNs, but the gaming VPN. Why? Because gaming VPN providers offer a solution to network problems by reducing pings and lags altogether. So with it, you can play the game more smoother and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

One of The Biggest DDoS Attacks in the Game Industry

The game Overwatch 2 got hacked. As a result, gamers cannot play the first-person shooter (FPS) genre game on the day of its release. Many gamers complain that they cannot enter the game. They stop and load continuously.

Not a few also can’t even log in at all, and this is because the queue is too long. It was even mentioned that the number reached tens of thousands. This was exacerbated by hackers launching DDoS attacks on Overwatch 2 servers.

This has been confirmed by Blizzard President Mike Ybarra, who, in his Twitter tweet, said the attack was causing connection problems.

The official team from Overwatch stated that their server was hit by a DDoS attack and will try its best to fix it as soon as possible.

Based on a Tweet by one of the developers, they will promise to always maintain the safety and comfort of users through regular system maintenance.

Game Overwatch 2 itself has just been launched for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The new game reduces the team size from six to five, so teams only get one tank.

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Overwatch 2 also brings new maps, characters, and features unavailable in the previous generation of games. Now gamers can also place Ping at enemy locations to show it to other team members.

DDoS Attack category

If based on the OSI layer, there are three categories, namely:

1. Application Layer DDoS

This first category takes all the resources from the target. This attack is targeted at the latter, where the web page is executed on the server and sends a response to the HTTP request. This threat can become a problem when requests need to be made simultaneously.

2. DDoS Protocol

Protocol DDoS attacks occur due to sending SYN packets in the form of IP addresses in large enough numbers to suppress TCP work. Every incoming connection will be responded to by the server waiting for the connection to run but never finish.

This can make the process that continues to run on the server so that there is overload.

3. Volumetric DDoS

Volumetric DDoS is a type of attack that can cause the end of all bandwidth on the internet network.

Website Characteristics Affected by DDoS Attack

Then, how do we know whether our website was attacked by DDoS or not? Try to check some of the characteristics of a website affected by DDoS below:

  • There is suspicious bandwidth usage.
  • Website response speed. Like suddenly hard to access or become unresponsive
  • CPU load increases drastically without any request execution

How to Overcome DDoS Attacks

It would be best if you watched out for this attack. The personal information you have can be leaked and used for bad purposes. Try to overcome the attack through these methods.

  1. Perform regular attack analysis. You must periodically check the security of your account and device.
  2. Use a secure internet network. Pay attention to the public internet network that might be an attack gap.
  3. Using the best hosting service with super security.
  4. Consult an expert.
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