Master Chief vs. Samus Aran

Our combatants are the lead characters from Metroid Prime and Halo. Who would win if the two were to clash? Find out!

Okay, here are our combatants. One a survivor of the galaxy using armor given to her by the Chozo, a long forgotten race that once had adopted her and raised her. The other is a cyborg – the best man has ever made – and has repelled two threats to mankind simultaneously. These two will square off, and only one will walk away. The other will limp away, their armor in tattered metal shreds.

First, the veteran. Samus has shot and killed many an alien, including Space Pirates, Ghosts of the Chozo, Ridley (several times), Kraid (again, multiple times), and the dreaded Metroids.

She’s normally equipped with missiles, and a wide array of blaster types. She can occasionally see through walls or in the dark with X-ray vision. She can also upgrade herself to move effortlessly through water. Preferring to collect bounties and to explore the world around her, combat with Samus seems frantic and shocking.

Now, the rookie. While Master Chief has only one game under his belt (1.5 if we count the PC version of Halo), he’s already proven to be quite a challenge to anyone he meets. Originally awoken in the Marine’s ship to fight off some overzealous aliens who wished to wipe out humanity, MC quickly finds that there is an additional worry on the chosen battlefield: the Flood.

While the Covenant only wish to kill for their beliefs, the Flood are simply hungry for anything of sufficient bio-mass. Desperately fighting both factions at once, he forms a desperate plan that barely allows him a chance to escape. With a familiarity with almost any weapon or vehicle, MC becomes an adaptable, and deadly foe.

There are some decisions before the fight gets under way. What will be on the field? Will there be Warthogs, or Samus’ ship? No. Just those two, mano a mano. No radars or motion trackers are used. As for weapons, we will start them both with a fair armory. MC will take the Covie pistol and the Assault Rifle.

He will come equipped with four frag grenades. Samus will have the wave beam, missiles, and bombs. She will come with the Varia, but not the Gravity suit. Samus has three Energy Tanks, making her total energy 399.

The Fight

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MC quickly charges and releases a Covie pistol shot and, reduces her energy down to 315. She retaliates by firing twice with the wave beam, reducing MC’s shields to half capacity. MC takes cover in the tunnels surrounding the Brinstar area. He tosses one frag grenade behind him, leaving an explosion in Samus’ face. Energy 220.

Samus wises up and fires a missile at MC in a straight shaft in the tunnel, and he ducks, but still feels the splash damage. His shields are now down to 33%. MC runs, and ducks behind an alcove, letting Samus dash past him – a chance for his shields to come back to 100%.

Now, he gets serious. Switching to the Rifle, mC slowly stalks his prey: a bewildered Samus, trying to find MC’s tracks in the dirt. She sees something, and bends down to examine it. MC sees his chance, dashes forward, uncaring about the noise he makes.

Samus hears him and has time to fire a missile blindly at him before his rifle’s butt comes crashing down on her helmet. The shot went wild, and shot a hole in the roof of the cavern, allowing a beam of light to invade the cavern, and bring to light what has trespassed in the final seconds.

Samus lay there, her suit offline, not even knowing if she was alive. Her world was snowy static, and then flicked off. The MC stood still, his armor beeping at him for losing his shields and most of his health.

The debris from Samus’ cave-in pinned her suit down, and nearly crushed him. With time, the sound died out, and he turned, and walked out of the caves, looking for a ship home.

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