MillionPugs startup is going to change the gaming industry

MillionPugs is a brand-new rewards platform for gamers, allowing them to earn game items for ordering their favorite takeaways, buying clothes or getting new electronic gadgets.

As a result, instead of paying with real money for game items such as Premium tanks for World of Tanks, or Doubloons for World of Warships, you can get them effortlessly by shopping online as you normally do.

How does the MillionPugs service work, what content can you get and is it true that the startup is going to change the gaming industry?

Once you read this article, you will know:

  1. What is MillionPugs,
  2. How to use MillionPugs,
  3. How does MillionPugs earn,
  4. What game rewards can you get,
  5. Is it worth it to use MillionPugs?

What is MillionPugs?

MillionPugs is a fully legal startup created by gaming enthusiasts. The young company is strongly supported by gaming industry old hands who are behind the success of Riot Games, EVE Online, or Wargaming.

The owners of MillionPugs have come up with an idea of a cashback platform enabling players to collect reward points, called pugs™ and credits while they shop online at almost 2000 brands from all types of industries.

The number of pugs™ granted depends on the value of the transaction, while the number credits is fixed and you can get 100 credits for every eligible transaction.

Both pugs™ and credits can be later exchanged for top-notch game items, like, for example:

  • Doubloons and skins for World of Warships,
  • Gold and Premium tanks for World of Tanks,
  • Skins or weapons for Heroes and Generals,
  • different card packs for KARDS,
  • Premium Kegs or Meteorite Powder for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

The cashback for gamers is still in the expansion phase, but it is growing fast, differentiating its rewards offer and attracting new partners regularly.

The preannounced games that will soon be added to the MillionPugs list include the most reputable titles, like EVE Online, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics or League of Legends.

Consequently, you can count on even more fancy game content that will be available on the MillionPugs platform in the  near future.

How to use MillionPugs?

MillionPugs enables gamers to exploit their services in 2 free-of-charge ways:

  1. using only the MillionPugs site,
  2. installing the MillionPugs plugin on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

You can use the MillionPugs website for:

  1. creating your account,
  2. checking out the available game rewards you can earn,
  3. exchanging reward points for game content,
  4. browsing partnered brands and deals they have prepared,
  5. checking the number of points you have.
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You can also use the website to get links for deals prepared for MillionPugs users and then activate them while you shop at partnered stores.

In spite of the fact that you can rely solely on the MillionPugs site, downloading and installing the MillionPugs browser extension allows you to truly discover the qualities of the cashback service.

The MillionPugs browser extension advantages

Automatic notification

Firstly, the browser extension automatically informs you about the opportunity to get reward points every time you visit any of the partnered stores.

It displays a small pop-up that allows you to activate a deal adding pugs™ and credits to your account when the transaction is finalized.

Additional boost of pugs™

What is more, installing the MillionPugs browser extension is rewarded with an extra boost of pugs™.

The extra bonus facilitates the collection of reward points, especially for newcomers, and can speed up getting a sufficient number of pugs™ to get game rewards you need to progress in the game.

No missed opportunities

Last but not least, the plugin prevents you from missing out on any chance to earn points as it is automatically updated with new brands and deals added to the MillionPugs platform regularly.

Summing up, MillionPugs is designed in a way to best serve the gamers and enable them to progress in their game faster and make playing more exciting.

Nonetheless, what’s in there for the owners of MillionPugs? They are a company so they need to make money. How do they do that if both the MillionPugs platform and their browser extension are free-of-charge?

How does MillionPugs earn?

Frankly speaking, MillionPugs doesn’t take or plan to take any money directly from users. Neither for creating the account and running it nor for installing the plugin.

MillionPugs earns solely from commissions from affiliated brands they get when users activate MillionPugs deals. They take a small cut of these commissions to their profits, but the rest goes to your account, equipping it with pugs™ and credits.

What game rewards can you get?

As already stated, the cashback for gamers is still growing. Consequently, the selection of game rewards you can get is changing on a regular basis. Currently, you can get fancy game items for titles such as:

  1. World of Warships,
  2. World of Tanks,
  3. KARDS,
  4. Heroes and Generals,
  5. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Nonetheless, there are already other titles in the queue. Among them, you can find EVE Online, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra or League of Legends.

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For each of the games, MillionPugs has prepared exclusive top-notch content that, in most cases, can only be earned by:

  1. paying for it with real money in the Premium games stores,
  2. winning in organized tournaments,
  3. playing in special game modes,
  4. completing special challenges,
  5. having pure luck in the game.

Is it worth it to use MillionPugs?

As you can see, MillionPugs has everything it needs to change the gaming industry by equipping gamers with top-notch game content they need to progress in the games. Let’s look at the main benefits of using the MillionPugs services. 

Effortless utilization

Once you install the MillionPugs plugin, you can use the cashback service fully effortlessly.

It will display a notification every time you visit any of the partnered stores. As a result, it will prevent you from missing out on any deals prepared for MillionPugs users.

For example, if you order a pizza at Grubhub:

  • 3 times, you can afford Doubloons for World of Warships, or Shupe Leader Skin for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,
  • 7 times, you are able to exchange credits for a Machine Carbine for Heroes and Generals.

Saving time and effort

MillionPugs owners and users are gaming enthusiasts. Nevertheless, earning powerful in-game content by simply playing is often a tedious mission.

Luckily, using the MillionPugs platform and plugin allows you to earn powerful items effortlessly and quickly.

What is more, using this innovative cashback for gamers, you can free up your time to focus on the most exciting and fun elements of the game instead of focusing on getting resources you need to progress.

No costs and no strings attached

As already mentioned, MillionPugs is a free-of-charge platform, but it is also highly flexible when it comes to the termination of service usage.

To use the services, you are not obliged to  sign any contracts. There is no small print or loopholes. You are the one deciding when you want to join and when you want to leave. 


Moreover, MillionPugs highly respects their customers and doesn’t collect any additional information about them. The startup only collects data:

  • to create your account,
  • concerning activating deals to power up your account with pugs™ and credits,
  • concerning your preferences for improving their services.

As you can see, MillionPugs gathers the absolute minimum of users’ data and doesn’t distribute this information to third parties. You can read the whole Privacy Policy at

Summing up, MillionPugs is an innovative cashback service. By equipping gamers with an additional effortless and free way of earning game rewards, the startup is going to change the gaming industry and make playing games even more exciting.

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