PS5 Update – All You Need to Know

It’s been a long time coming, but PS5 players are finally having their patience rewarded after Sony released their latest September update.

This month saw the arrival (on September 15th) of the PS5 system software update and a wave of new useful features being introduced, alongside the option to expand your SSD drive. The update boasts of wealth of improvements and additions to boost playing capabilities and facilitate a more immersive gaming experience.

So, in time for the avalanche of incredible upcoming games (including God of War Ragnarok and Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2), let’s unpack exactly what was included in this long-awaited PS5 system update:

SSD Storage Expansion

First up, the update will enable PS5 players to expand their SSD storage – a specific feature that has been requested since launch day. You can insert an M.2 SSD into the console expansion slot and install games in the M.2 SSD storage to play directly. This will no doubt come as music to the ears of all those who’re sick of watching their favourite games disappear in a never-ending quest to free up space for incoming updates or downloads.

One issue: the process of adding a new SSD isn’t all that simple and you might need to consult an install guide to get it set up properly.

3D Audio Immersion

This update offers players a more fine-tuned use of integrated 3D audio technology. Players will now have the option to customise their sound profile and enable 3D audio using TVs with built-in speakers. An additional equaliser has also been included in the update for anyone who owns the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset as well.

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UX & Base Improvements

Another perk that comes with September’s PS5 system software update is the newly introduced Control Centre customisation – along with a few subtle UI improvements to make the earlier stages of gaming a little easier. You can now send messages directly to fellow players from the Game Base and it will now be clearer – via displayed icons – to spot whether you’ve loaded up the PS4 or PS5 version of each game. Overall the Game Library will be easier to navigate, with an ‘Installed’ tab first and quicker access to your media gallery, where new fonts have been uploaded for your screenshot text. Different platform versions of the same game will now appear separately on your home screen. Something else we noticed was the inclusion of an all-new accolade type, called ‘Leader’. Players who lead strategies and inspires others will now be singled out and credited in the aftermath of online matches, encouraging more positive behaviour across the platform.

Smaller Improvements

In addition to the above highlights, there will be various other fine-tuned changes made across the gaming and social system. One neat new function is the ability to capture ‘personal best’ videos from your PS5 gameplay. So, you can preserve your favourite moments and most unlikely encounters/mishaps as they unfold in real-time. On top of this you can view your PS5 trophies on PS4 with the latest update and will notice a more seamless experience on the PS5 and PS Remote Play apps too. And, if all that wasn’t enough, your DualSense wireless controller has been updated with improved stability as well.


Remember to always check your software is updated to the latest version if you want the best PlayStation gaming experience. If the September system update gets stuck on your PS5, simply restart the update. Or, if that fails, download the update file to a USB drive and you can follow online instructions to update the system manually.

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