Who will be the best CS:GO Player this Winter? The Best Analytics!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) celebrates its tenth jubilee this year. Being released in 2012, this tactical multiplayer first-person shooter has not only retained its popularity but peaked in March, 2021 on Steam at approximately 1.2 million players. granted, the COVID-19 pandemic with its legal lockdowns forcing people to stay at home played its part but the fact that CS:GO was chosen by players is saying a lot about the game.

It also became a full-scaled discipline. Every CS:GO event, from ESEA Cash Cup to BLAST Premier World Final 2022 and a prize pool with the range from $1000 to $100000, gathers thousands of dedicated fans who enjoy watching their favorites playing and taking guesses regarding the winner.

Because the game picture is created by players, their skill and ability to teamwork, let us look at the best performers of the outgoing year.

Highest-rated CS:GO players on the end of 2022

Peter Rasmussen aka “Dupreeh”

The Danish legend was born on March 26th, 1993, and now plays with the team Vitality. Before them, Peter has been scoring kills for Team Dignitas, TSM, 3DMAX, Astralis, and Copenhagen Wolves. In 2019, he gained a proud titleof being the first CS:GO player who won four major tournaments, three of them in a row. With the headshot rating of menacing 50%, he is indeed a worthy opponent with a certain reputation in the game world.

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Aleksandr Kostyliev aka “s1mple”

Aleksandr Kostyliev (national spelling “Олександр Олегович Костилєв”) is famous as one of the most skilled CS:GO players. A Ukrainian professional, born on October 2nd, 1997, currently plays for NAVI (Natus Vincere) and was a team member for Team Liquid, Hellraisers and Flipsid3 Tactics. He is the owner of multiples S-Tier trophies, won 19 MVP medals, a Major, and an Intel Grand Slam awards. Also, an honoree of the “Best Esports Player” award at The Game Awards in 2021.

Nikola Kovač aka “Niko”

Born on February 16th, 1997, a Bosnian Serb professional player has been formerly known under the nicknames NiKolinho and nIKOLINHO. He represents G2 Esports team and currently owns the record for the most map kills at a Major event after defeating FlipSid3 Tactics with 52 kills at MLG Columbus 2016. Annualy conquering a place in the HLTV Top 20 Players list (for 6 six years in a row now, with the best position of the second in 2017), he is undoubtedly one of the most skilled CS:GO players who ever been famous in the eSports world.

Emil Reif aka “Magisk”

Born March 5, 1998, Magisk (which means “magical” in Danish) is the colleague of Peter Rasmussen in the team Vitality. Till 2017, he has been known as Magiskb0Y. Before Vitality, Emil Reif played with Astralis and other top Danish teams, including OpTic Gaming, North, Team Dignitas and SK Gaming. A frequent member of the HLTV Top 20 Players list with the peak fifth place in 2019, he repeatedly brought his current team to the first place in the most significant events, such as BLAST Pro Series, ESL Pro League, Esports Championship Series, Intel Extreme Masters XIII, etc.

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Andreas Højsleth aka “Xyp9x”

Andreas Højsleth currently plays for Astralis. He was born September 11, 1995, and started as a semi-professional CS:GO player. He is renowned for his high clutch success rate and is known in the gaming world as the “clutch minister.” The “clutch” is a term used when a player has won a round with the odds against him (for example, 1 player against n where n is a number of enemy players who survived. Xyp9x has 240 clutch victories in his track record. One of the most enduring Global Offensive player trios ever that has been existing for 7 years and 239 days, consists of Xyp9x, dev1ce, and dupreeh. The fun fact is that he got his nickname just randomly typing on the keyboard.

Where to Look for the Analytics on CS:GO Players

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