WRC Generations – Release Date, Modes, Trailer, And Features

Are you a World Rally Championship fanatic? If you are, you should be following the fortunes of the upcoming WRC Generations very closely indeed. This is, after all, the official game of the FIA World Rally Championship event, and as such, it’s the most authentic representation of the excitement, the dirt, and the speed that rally racing offers.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at what the game will offer to you, whether you’re a fan of WRC racing or you’re a neophyte looking to be inducted into this crazy world. As you’d expect, there are plenty of goodies to look forward to, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the modes, the features, and the trailers available for WRC Generations.

The WRC Generations release date recently suffered a setback

Originally, WRC Generations was due to launch on October 13th, but it was recently delayed to November 3rd. That’s not too bad in terms of release dates, though; it’s not like you’re having to wait another six months to a year for the game, so it’s clear the developers just need a little extra time to add some polish to this one. 

When it does launch, WRC Generations will be released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. That means both current-gen machines and last-gen platforms will be supported. A Nintendo Switch version is also on the way, but it’s not being released for a good while; the Switch is a harder machine to develop for, so it might take some time for WRC Generations to hit Nintendo’s console.

What are the WRC Generations modes?

In terms of gameplay modes, the big new addition that’s being touted by publisher Nacon right now is the Leagues mode. This will allow you to take on players of similar skill levels to you online, and if you manage to finish ahead of your competitors, you’ll move up the game’s ladder, letting you take on more and more difficult opponents. We’re also expecting the game’s Career mode to make a return, as well as a variety of exhibition modes and parameters to let you out onto the track whenever you want to just race.

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There are a range of WRC Generations trailers to choose from

Since Nacon and KT Racing are eager to show off WRC Generations, you’ve got a wealth of trailers to choose from. Let’s take a look at them in order of release!

First off, the WRC Generations announce trailer revealed the game in May this year. It also revealed the new Leagues mode, as well as new solo and online content, improvements to Teams, and a better livery editor.

The era of Rally1 hybrid cars is upon us, and so the next WRC Generations trailer showed off the hybrid cars coming to the game. Since hybrid cars introduce more power, you’ll need to make strategic decisions about when to gun it and when to hold back.

After this, we got to see rally driver Takamoto Katsuta take a look at WRC Generations. As you might expect, Katsuta is playing the game using a full racing wheel setup, but it looks like it’s going to be a great, authentic rally racing experience, and he’s clearly impressed.

Next up, it’s Oliver Solberg of Hyundai fame, who’s also going to try out the game. As one commenter on the YouTube trailer amusingly points out, Solberg’s “rally face” is the same in this run as it is during a regular race.

Our next trailer pits three rally drivers against each other, giving Richard Millener, Jari-Matti Latvala, and Julien Moncet the chance to battle one another in WRC Generations. Who emerges victorious? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Finally, we have a trailer showing off the Peugeot 206 WRC, infamously driven by Marcus Grönholm, which you can get in the game if you preorder it. 

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WRC Generations features look pretty comprehensive

If you’re a WRC fan, then you’ll find plenty to love here, as the list of gameplay features looks pretty exhaustive. Of course, there are the new hybrid cars, which will require a different strategic approach if you want to get the most out of them.

Nacon and KT Racing are also promising improved vehicle physics, which you’ll want to take advantage of if you’re going to gain an edge over your rivals in the Leagues mode. Said mode is likely to be one of the main ways you engage with WRC Generations (unless you’re particularly averse to online gaming, of course), so make sure you’ve got your game face on, as the competitions are going to get pretty fierce!

KT Racing and Nacon are also eager to improve the realism on offer in WRC Generations, and that’s why the game will have a fully redesigned Rally Sweden environment, complete with 6 new special stages, bringing the game’s total up to an impressive 165.

You can share your livery and stickers with the WRC Generations community now, too, so if you’ve made something that you’re particularly proud of, you don’t need to keep it to yourself. Why not show off some of your most impressive designs?

WRC Generations is also bringing the ability to create your own team in-game and manage it, so you can finally live out your dream of masterminding the world’s greatest WRC squad. It sounds like WRC Generations is going to be the ultimate rally racing experience, so keep an eye out for this one in November.  

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