5 Ways to Earn and Accumulate Airline Miles

ways to earn and accumulate airline miles

Frequent Flyers programs debuted more than 30 years ago but they are gaining popularity with the passage of time. As more and more people are traveling by plane for one reason or another, the popularity of frequent flyer miles is increasing. With the help of these miles, you can get benefits like cheaper tickets, free tickets, better seats, and more luggage allowance. Some airlines even offer extra benefits like priority check-in and boarding, depending on how many points you have earned.

So with that said, everyone wants to earn and accumulate more and more airline miles so they can redeem them later on. Here are some ways by which you can earn and accumulate airline or frequent flyer miles.

Stick with the Same Airline

Sticking with the same airline is better than changing the airline every time you fly because by sticking with the same airline, you are more likely to earn enough points or miles that might get you something in return. For instance, it is better to have 100,000 points or miles with a single airline instead of having 20,000 points with 5 airlines or 10,000 points with 10 different airlines. The only exception to this is that you can choose other airlines too, but only if they allow you to transfer your points to any other airline on a 1:1 basis, which some airlines don’t.


It might seem obvious but you can airline miles by actually flying. This is usually overlooked among other ways to earn airline miles, but you can earn airlines just by traveling and using the in-flight WiFi on wifionboard.com. Keep in mind that earning points through flying is different because of the move to revenue-based programs (earning points for the money you spend instead of the miles you fly), due to which you might end up earning more points on an expensive ticket than a cheap one, even though a cheap one covers a much greater distance.

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Use Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards can be a great way to earn and accumulate airline miles. These are special types of credit cards that allow you to earn miles and points for every dollar that you spend. There are various types of travel credit cards available with different annual fees, interest rates, and reward structures. Compare various types of travel credit cards and choose the one that best suits your needs.

To maximize the utilization of travel credit cards and earn maximum miles from them, use your travel credit card for everyday expenses. But keep in mind that you will have to pay off your balance each month to avoid accruing interest charges, so keep that in mind.

Use Co-Branded Credit Cards

A co-branded credit card, as the name suggests is a credit card that is developed because of a partnership between two brands and in this case, airlines and financial institutions. These special types of credit bear the logos of both the credit card company and the retailer and can be used to earn airline miles, points, and other rewards like Air Nz WiFi. Examples of co-branded credit cards include United Airlines’ United Explorer card from Visa and American Airlines’ AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard.

You can research the various co-branded credit cards available and see if your preferred airline also offers one or not. Make sure that you responsibly use these cards to maximize benefits without falling into debt.

Use Airlines Shopping Portals

Many airlines have online shopping portals from where you can earn miles and points for purchases made there. These shopping portals include popular online retailers, ranging from clothing brands to electronic outlets. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to earn miles while shopping for your everyday needs, then airline shopping portals can be a good option.

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You can use your credit card to shop through these portals and gain additional points, as the miles earned through shopping portals are in addition to any rewards from your credit card.

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