What is a Flight PNR Number?

what is a flight pnr number

In the aviation sector, many unique terms and codes are used to make your travel easy. One such code is PNR or Passenger Number Record. This code plays an important role in keeping track of your flight status and other details. In this article, we will discuss what is a PNR number and where it is used. So, keep reading to know everything about PNR numbers. 

What is the Flight PNR Number?

A flight PNR number is a small code that contains both alphabets and numbers. This code is assigned to every passenger when they book a flight ticket. This code plays an essential role and helps passengers check their flight status or monitor their flight booking. Simply put, the passenger number record serves as a digital code that contains all information related to the passenger’s flight and booking. 

Importance of Flight PNR Number

The flight PNR number is important in the world of aviation for various reasons. Every passenger has a different PNR number, which acts as their digital identity code. Here is the importance of passenger number code:

Flight Booking: The passenger number record plays an important role in booking your flight. Soon after booking your flight, you will get this code. This code will act as a confirmation that you have booked your flight. 

Flight Details: The passenger number record also provides important flight details. Using this number, you can check your flight status, timings, departure and arrival information, and even seat assessment. So, the PNR number also simplifies the process of checking your flight-related details. 

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How to Get a PNR Code?

You can easily get your PNR number as soon as you book your flight. Right after booking your flight and clearing all payments, you will receive your passenger number code via SMS. You may also receive this code on your email or booking confirmation page. However, make sure to save this code to use it whenever required. Moreover, if you’ve booked a flight with Jetstar, their system will generate and send you the PNR Number and the booking confirmation.

How To Use a PNR Number?

Using a passenger number code is really simple. Just confirm your booking and get the number. After getting the number, use the PNR number to check the flight status or other updates. For this, go to the airline’s website and seek options like “Manage Booking or “Check Reservation.” Then, enter your PNR number along with your last name and check the desired flight details. 

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