12 Awesome Games Like Slime Rancher

If you’ve played Slime Rancher, you know the wonder of a life sim that puts you in the shoes of a fantastical character in an even more fantastic world. Sometimes, we play video games to escape our own lives on Earth, and nothing says escapism more than a game about a woman who actually moves from Earth to an entirely new planet to start a new life. 

Beatrix LeBeau’s journey to become a top-tier Slime Rancher has enthralled many gamers at this point, with well over 5 million copies sold as of 2022. However, since the game was first released in 2017 for PC and Xbox, it’s probably safe to say that many players have completed the game and are looking for something new. If you’re one of those players, join us as we go over 12 Awesome Games Like Slime Rancher.

1. Ooblets

First on our list is the adorable indie game Ooblets. Developed and published by Glumberland, this life simulation game combines in-depth farming mechanics with a massive variety of tameable creature companions to create a truly engaging experience. Its world is also brought to life with a soft, colorful art style that is as somehow as relaxing as it is fun. 

2. Bugsnax

If the strangeness of the Slimes endeared you to them in Slime Rancher, then Bugsnax will be right up your alley. This unsettling food/creature hellscape is brought to us by Young Horses, the developers behind the hilarious Octodad games. There are plenty of mysteries to be solved on Snaktooth Island, and you’re just the person to solve them.

3. Spiritfarer

Let me start by saying that Spiritfarer is a beautiful game in terms of both visuals and content. It takes players on a journey that is often very fun, but sometimes very, very emotional. The developer/publisher Thunder Lotus Games has managed to create a life simulator about death, and the irony isn’t lost on us. It also includes a host of wonderful characters and expansive farming mechanics that are extremely engaging.

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4. Viva Pinata

Slime Rancher’s developers might not admit it, but their game owes quite a lot to Viva Pinata. It’s the OG colorful creature collection and shenanigans game, and it is every bit as fun today as it was when it launched back on the Xbox 360. You’ll need an Xbox system to play it, but going back to see how Slime Rancher was inspired by this game might be a fun exercise.

5. Astroneer

Astroneer and Slime Rancher have quite a bit in common, even though it might not be immediately apparent. Both games take place on distant planets and feature open-world exploration that can sometimes be treacherous. There’s no animal farming mechanic in Astroneer, but you can get cute pets, which is kind of the same thing, right? Either way, it’s an extremely fun sci-fi life sim that SLime Rancher fans should check out. 

6. Grow Home

Grow Home is a game about overcoming obstacles to get back to your roots. Much in the same way as Slime Rancher, over the course of Grow Home, you’ll need to learn new techniques to handle new obstacles and upgrade your abilities in order to get to the next level of challenge in the game. It’s also extremely good-looking, with an interesting art style and a massive world to freely explore that also has some secrets to discover.

7. Stardew Valley

We probably don’t need to do much to describe this next one. ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley is basically a genre unto its own, and its farming mechanics and gameplay are legendary by now. Like Slime Rancher, you’ll freely build out a farm and design its layout to your own specifications, and engage in everyday activities to maintain the efficiency of your farm and the happiness of your animals. If you haven’t played Stardew Valley yet and you love life sim games, you’re really missing out.

8. Island Saver

This next game is quite interesting. Island Saver is a game that is heavily inspired by Slime Rancher. It even features a vacuum gun mechanic that you use for just about everything. However, it is an educational tool in the guise of a fun video game, having been developed by a bank to teach players about banking and paying taxes. It sounds a bit strange, but in essence, it’s a free-to-play Slime Rancher clone, which can only be a good thing.

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9. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a massive adventure game in the same vein as Breath of the Wild, but it also includes things like animal interactions and a healthy dose of farming to boot. In between your grand adventures to save the world, you’ll grow crops and collect/take care of cute creatures known as sprites. They aren’t quite slimes, but they’re still fun to play with.

10. Planet Zoo

If the slime collecting and maintaining was the best part of Slime Rancher for you, why don’t you just cut out the middleman and start a zoo? That’s what Frontier Development’s Planet Zoo is all about. Collect and build containment areas for over 70 different species of animal in the base game, and tend to their needs as you balance the business of running a zoo. There’s no open-world exploration, but who needs that when you can watch monkeys play?

11. My Time at Portia

Like Stardew Valley before it, My Time at Portia is a game that is mostly focused on farming. However, it also contains a sprawling RPG with an open world that has plenty of dungeons and other areas to explore. You can also build relationships with other characters throughout the game. The game’s upgrade and building mechanics are reminiscent of Slime Rancher, but there’s no animal wrangling, unfortunately. 

12. Slime Rancher 2

Finally, if you’ve completed Slime Rancher and are itching for more slimy action, you can’t do better than digging into Slime Rancher 2. It’s bigger, better, and has more variety in slimes for you to collect and take care of.

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