The Top 5 Best Geeky YouTube Channels

Geek and nerd culture has overtaken common pop culture over the past two decades or so. The rise of Marvel films has made comic books cool in the public eye, something that can’t be said of past generations.

Disney’s unstoppable lust for money and subsequent purchase of Marvel and Star Wars has led to countless shows, movies, comic books, and games flooding the market. If you’re a person who has always been into this kind of media, it now feels good to be able to let your geek flag fly.

But, if you’re relatively new to the culture and want to be a part of it, there are a few ways to do that. In particular, you can go where everyone else goes when they want to learn something quickly: YouTube! Here are the Top 5 Best Geeky Youtube Channels.

5. Comics with Bueller

This comic book-centric YouTube channel is fairly small with only 23.7k subscribers, but it is definitely on the way to great things. The channel’s host covers weekly comic book releases, visits comic shops all over the country, does occasional reviews, and even goes in-depth about the history and lore of both Marvel and DC comics.

The channel also has a series of videos that feature interviews with a few comic book writers and artists who are well-respected in the industry, including people like Jim Starlin, Megan Hutchinson, and Jerry Shooter. If that’s not enough, there is also The New Coffee and Comics Show, a podcast in which geek youtuber Bueller and his co-host cover many different topics in the realm of comic books and geek media.

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4. Nerdzoic

This geek YouTube channel is hosted by Matt, a.k.a. “Big Nerdy”, and does deep dives into many aspects of geekdom. Matt mostly deals with collecting action figures and the culture around that hobby, but he also discusses the franchises those action figures come from and how they have had an effect on him personally.

From Ninja Turtles to Star Wars, and Batman to X-Men, Matt has it all, and his videos share his massive collection with you. He also shows you how you can get involved in the hobby and where some of the best places to find certain figures are. If you’re a collector and want some of that sweet, sweet nostalgia, the Nerdzoic is the geek YouTube channel you’re looking for.

3. ViniiTube

For this next channel, we’ll take a trip over to the Japan side of geek youtubers. ViniiTube, with nearly 1 million subscribers, covers all things anime. That means there are a ton of videos that cover things like top 10 animes with certain features, recommendations for new or upcoming seasons, compilations of epic moments in some of the best animes in history, and even a few lesser known ones.

 Vinii does the legwork so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of hours of anime to find you the best shows and moments and combine all of it in one helpful location. Anime has always been a part of geek culture, and ViniiTube is one of the best places to allow you to be your guide through that world.

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2. EvanTubeHD

This is the biggest geek YouTube channel on this list with over 7 million subscribers. On EvanTubeHD, the host Evan mostly deals with geeky toys and Lego sets. He has videos that cover Transformers, Star Wars, Mario, and Scooby Doo Lego sets among many others.

But that’s not all Evan does. Other videos on his channel are challenges, explanations, or react videos. The react videos are particularly fun, as they show you what kids really think about things that have become commonplace for many geeks, and the results are usually hilarious. The massive subscriber count of the channel allows for some really awesome production value and quality, so if this content is something you enjoy, it will always look amazing on EvanTubeHD.

1. Geek Culture Explained

For an excellent tri-weekly overview of everything geeky, you have to check out Geek Culture Explained. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the channel uploads a full video discussing a specific geek topic.

For instance, a recent video covers the many cosmic entities that are either present in the trailer or expected to be present throughout Thor: Love and Thunder. Much of the content covers the tv/film realm of Marvel and DC comics, but there are more videos that go into detail about the individual comic issues that inspired those film storylines.

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