7 ideas to celebrate your graduation in style

The big day is almost here! And what better way to celebrate your graduation with all your friends and family. Of course, you only graduate once, so you have to make it count. If you want to host a party that’s worthy of so many years of schooling, here are seven graduation day celebration ideas for you to properly start your non-school years!

Send amazing invitations

A graduation party is only as good as the invitations. You want anyone invited to your party to open their invitations and immediately mark their calendars because it looks like such a good time. And since you’re busy celebrating the end of your final school year, the best way to create buzz-worthy invitations is with graduation flyer templates.

Templates help you put a professionally designed flair on your graduation party invitations. At PosterMyWall, you can browse through thousands of templates to find the perfect one that meets the energy of your party. Then just fill in the information, hit print, and you’re ready to send to everyone on your list.

Have a polaroid guestbook

A graduation party is a big deal. It may be the last time you see many of your schoolmates as you head out into the real world. That’s why it’s so important to commemorate the occasion.

Instead of a standard pen-and-paper guestbook, make your celebration day extra special with a polaroid guestbook. Put a polaroid camera right at the entrance to your party and ask everyone to take a selfie on their way in. When the picture comes out of the camera, they can write a special message right on the polaroid with a pen.

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Once the party is over, you’ll have a commemorative keepsake from all your friends and family that you can look back on fondly to remember the day.

Rent out your favorite restaurant

There are two parts to every great party: venue and food. You can knock out both by renting out your favorite restaurant for the celebration!

Many restaurants have special event spaces for rent. Why not reach out to your favorite restaurant to see if they can handle your graduation party? If they can, you’ll get an amazing venue along with all you can eat of your favorite food. That’s a win-win in any book!

Hire a food truck

Renting out an entire restaurant isn’t always in the budget, but you can still bring amazing restaurant-quality food to your party without hosting it at a restaurant. Food trucks often have some of the best food in any city, and they’re on wheels!

Once you find a location for your party — even if it’s your own backyard — you can hire your favorite food truck to show up to your party. You and your friends can enjoy tacos, pizza, sandwiches, or whatever else you like all without having to leave the venue. And no food cleanup!

Put together an epic potluck

Food is the cornerstone of any great party, but it’s not always easy to secure a caterer or food truck. If you want to make your graduation celebration even more special, why not make it a potluck.

When you send out your invitations, ask everyone to bring a dish to share. You can choose a food theme or just ask guests to bring whatever their specialty dish may be. It might be a bit more work, but your graduation celebration will have the best homemade food available (and perhaps a few surprise dishes) to keep the party rolling. Plus, it’s always fun to show off your culinary skills!

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Start an open mic

It’s your graduation, and that’s a big deal. You might like to hear what others have to say about your amazing accomplishment. At some point during your party, fire up a microphone and invite anyone who wants to say a few words.

Your graduation open mic could range anywhere from a heartfelt speech about your accomplishments, an impromptu song you and your friends listened to after class, or even a funny roast about the gracious host. No matter what happens, an open mic is a great way to add some excitement to your graduation celebration.

Finish the celebration off with an outdoor movie

Every event needs a fantastic conclusion. After eating, dancing, storytelling, and whatever else you have planned for your big day, set up a large projector screen and play your favorite movie — even better, do it outside.

A movie screening is the perfect way to wind down from the perfect party. It gives everyone a chance to relax after the festivities. For an outdoor movie, all you need is a projector screen (white sheet) and a projector. Pick a movie that’s fun for everyone and finish off the festivities.

Celebrate graduation in style

Graduation is a major life milestone that deserves to be celebrated. There are a million ways to plan the perfect graduation celebration, but it ultimately comes down to you. Think about the food, activities, and venue that would make you the happiest, send a few amazing invitations, and just have a blast. You only graduate once, so celebrate in style! 

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