Best Beginner-Friendly DSLRs Worth Buying in 2023

DSLR cameras are used by professional photographers and videographers for a wide range of purposes. It’s no wonder, then, that DSLRs have contributed greatly to the digital camera market according to a 2022 report by The Insights Partners. After all, DSLR cameras are known to be among the most versatile and high-quality. But just because lots of pros use DSLRs, it doesn’t mean they’re only popular in elite circles. If you’re only just getting started on your photography journey, DSLRs can be perfect at capturing great beginner photos and videos, too.

Below, this article has rounded up the best beginner-friendly DSLRs that you should look into this year.

  1. Nikon D3500

With its 24-megapixel sensor, the Nikon D3500 ($629) can generate photos with bright and vivid colors. This makes it a great pick if you’re interested in nature photography, specifically landscapes and ocean views. As a beginner, you’ll also likely appreciate its Guide Mode, which provides comprehensive explanations on the DSLR’s different modes and operations. Apart from that, in a 2022 Camera Guru feature, photo editor Michael Fortin shared that the DSLR has superior battery life—lasting up to 75 minutes when shooting videos. This means that, for video streamers, the DSLR is perfect for when you want to record your explorations of new and interesting terrains.

  1. Pentax KF

If you’re interested in wildlife photography, but are daunted with how much gear it seemingly entails, then the Pentax KF ($849.95) is a wonderful DSLR option. Alongside its high imaging performance, the weather-resistant camera is equipped with an in-body shake-reduction system, which makes it easy to shoot moving animals. Another bonus? First-time DSLR users, as explained by Ricoh Imaging Americas President Ken Curry, can seamlessly enjoy the camera as it boasts shooting features like the Hyper Program system. This system allows you to switch between different exposure modes without taking your eye off the viewfinder.

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T7

If you’re looking for a DSLR camera that has incredible power, try one from Canon. Specifically, you can check out the Canon EOS Rebel T7 ($479). Affordable yet capable of taking crisp video and stills, the EOS Rebel T7 has a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor for the most vibrant and detailed images. The autofocus and on-board feature guide also take away much of the guesswork, so you can just focus on capturing those stunning shots. Interestingly, since this camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication), you can seamlessly share your content online or through other compatible devices.

  1. Nikon D5600

The last DSLR in this list is another entry from Nikon. Similar to the D3500, the Nikon D5600 (priced at $733.99) has a 24.2 MP sensor that delivers highly detailed images. However, what sets this specific DSLR apart is that it’s equipped with a stronger set of specs that’s geared towards aspiring videographers. Notably, the Nikon D5600 includes a large touchscreen that’s designed to be vlogging-friendly—particularly because it can flip around to the front. And aside from being equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the inclusion of Nikon’s SnapBridge technology can facilitate seamless and automatic image and video transfers from the DSLR to your smart device.

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Depending on where your interests lie—whether it be in nature photography, video streaming, or vlogging—there’s definitely a great DSLR that can help you produce an amazing output. Hopefully, the ones listed in this article have provided you with a lot of insight before you go and make your purchase.

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