MacBook Tips That Will Help You Master the Computer

As a new MacBook user, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information to take in, particularly if you have not used macOS before. Naturally, it takes time to get adjusted to a new user interface and other elements, but not everyone can afford to wait for too long.

For some people, it is important to get the basics down as soon as possible because they need to do their work on a MacBook. If you are in a similar situation, this article should come in quite handy as it provides a few basic tips to become better at using a Mac.

Learn to Convert Files

Knowing how to convert files into different formats is useful. For example, you might need to send an invoice to your employer or a client, but your template is in the .doc format, and you are uncertain whether the recipient can open such a file. Turning .doc to PDF is common because the latter is recognized as a universal document format, and it can be read on virtually every operating system.

Of course, it is not just .doc formats that you might need to convert. HEIC, a somewhat recently introduced file format, also works well after you convert it to PDF. Now, as for How To Convert HEIC To JPG On Mac Instantly – Setapp has the answers to the questions regarding this subject. 

Keep in mind that while converting files to various formats, you might be fine with built-in tools available in macOS. And in case you cannot find a built-in app, check the official app store as it is bound to have converter tools for your needs.

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Memorize Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

As with other operating systems, macOS also comes with a plethora of available keyboard shortcuts. The whole list is available on the official Apple website, but you should not aim to memorize every available shortcut right away.

No, instead, your approach should be about focusing on those keyboard shortcuts that you find the most useful. For instance, if there is too much clutter on a computer and you want to remove files permanently, you can use the Option + Command + Delete shortcut.

When you need to send screenshots, Alt + Shift + 4 and Alt + Shift + 3 are the go-to options as they take a portion of the screen and the entire screen, respectively.

Maintain the Computer in Good Condition

Do not get in the habit of neglecting to take care of your computer. Cleaning the dust, limiting background processes, avoiding desktop clutter, scanning for malware attacks, and making enough free space on the drive are just a few examples of what you need to do to make sure that the MacBook stays in good condition.

Use Digital Signatures for PDFs

Those who need to sign multiple documents throughout the day should create a digital signature and apply it to PDF documents before sending them. 

First, take a picture of your signature and upload it on the MacBook via email, smartphone, laptop’s webcam, or another method. 

Then, open any PDF document via Preview and click on the New Signature tab. Open the signature’s picture and save it as a signature. Now, you can add it to PDFs. 

Take Advantage of Siri

Using the digital Apple assistant is a bit weird at first, but Siri can help you quite a lot. For example, if you want to do a quick Google search or make an appointment, you can ask Siri to do it for you while your hands are busy. 

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Similar to how you can make the most out of Siri on an iPhone, you can also do the same on a MacBook. Besides, Apple continues to add new features to Siri’s repertoire, improving the assistant even more.

Check the Sidecar Feature

If you have an iPad in addition to your MacBook, you can use the former as a second display, thanks to the recently introduced Sidecar feature. While tablets are not as popular as they were a few years ago, there are still plenty of people using them. And it just so happens that as an Apple device owner, you can combine your Mac and iPad.

Customize Notifications

Random notifications are quite disturbing, particularly when you are looking to focus on your work or studies. To avoid this problem on a MacBook, go to the System Preferences and select the Notifications tab.

In this tab, you can modify notifications for separate apps and set up the Notification Center in a way that you are not disturbed by random pop-ups.

Keep in mind, though, that some applications are recommended to keep around, so you do not miss something important. For example, a message about a new macOS update. 

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