Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra – Specs, Size, Price, Features, And More

We’ve finally gotten our first look at Samsung’s new range of flagship smartphones for 2022, and we’re impressed. While the fundamental design hasn’t changed too much from last year’s offerings, the S22 range brings with it some fun new features and smart updates that should make these phones a worthy upgrade for anyone rocking an S20 device or something from earlier in Samsung’s history. We’re not entirely sure the upgrade is worth it for S21 users, but we could be proven wrong! Let’s take a look at the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra range and see what’s new.

Samsung Galaxy S22

First up, we’ve got the “entry-level” device in Samsung’s flagship smartphone range. Of course, just as with the Tab S8 range, you probably shouldn’t think of this as an entry-level phone; it’s still going to set you back a fair way price-wise, and its specs compete with any other top-level device. Here’s our rundown of the Galaxy S22, its specs, its size, and more.


All three Galaxy S22 devices are rocking the same processor. Depending on where you buy the phone, you’ll either get a Snapdragon chip or an Exynos alternative; they’re both zippy and super-powerful, so don’t let anyone tell you Exynos is inferior. The S22 has 8GB of RAM, which is more than enough to handle day-to-day tasks, and it’s got either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, depending on which model you go for. 

You’ll find a 10MP front-facing camera here, which should give you pin-sharp selfies, as well as a triple-lens 12MP, 50MP, and 10MP camera on the rear of the phone. The display is a 6.1” AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 2340×1080 resolution, which is all you’re going to need for a screen this size. All in all, the S22 has everything you’d expect from a modern flagship phone.


The Galaxy S22 is the smallest of all three S22-range phones, but don’t let that put you off; it’s still a pretty sizeable device. It measures in at 146mm tall, 70.6mm wide, and just 7.6mm deep. With those dimensions, it should easily fit into your pocket no matter where you’re taking it.


As you’d expect, the S22 is the lowest-price device in the range; it’ll set you back £769 if you buy the standard version, with that price rising to £819 if you pick up the 256GB model. Both models come with free Galaxy Buds Pro headphones at the moment, so it’s worth picking the phone up now if you’re looking to upgrade.

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You’ll find a 3700mAh battery in the Galaxy S22, which should be enough to get you through a day’s worth of usage. Naturally, all three phones in the lineup are compatible with 5G, and they also feature Bluetooth 5.2 for your wireless devices. The OS is Android 12, overlaid with Samsung’s One UI (although you can always download a custom launcher if you don’t like it). The S22 is IP68 water and dust resistant, so don’t try to swim with it, but it should survive some rainfall.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 

The S22+ is practically identical to the S22, but for a larger chassis and a bigger screen to compensate. It’s also got a bigger battery, which makes sense, because it needs to power that screen. Here’s our rundown of the Galaxy S22+.


You could essentially copy and paste the specs of the S22 over to the S22+, as they’re basically the same phone. The difference is you’re getting a 6.6-inch screen this time, which gives you an extra half an inch on your display. The resolution is exactly the same, but you shouldn’t notice any drops in sharpness. You’ve still got a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ certification on this phone.


Naturally, the S22+ is bigger than the S22. This phone measures 75.8mm in width, 157.4mm in height, and 7.6mm in depth; it’s like Samsung just took the base S22 and stretched it out a little. It’s also heavier; the S22+ weighs 196g to the S22’s 168g.


That extra screen real estate is going to cost you. The base S22+ model is a staggering £949, so you’re adding almost £200 onto the price. If you opt for the 256GB and 8GB RAM model, you’ll be paying £999. You’ll need to ask yourself whether a slightly larger screen is worth the price or not.


The S22+ features everything the standard S22 does; it doesn’t have any extra features as it’s just a larger version of the base model. You are, however, getting a 4500mAh battery in your phone, which should keep it alive for a decent amount of time. Heavy usage might not see it through the day, though.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

This is where things get interesting. Whereas last year’s S21 Ultra was Samsung’s ultimate flagship, this time around it looks like the company is promoting the S22 Ultra as almost a mini-Note; it has a lot of the Galaxy Note range’s functionality, making it more of a power user device than the other two phones in the lineup. Let’s take a look.


Internally, the S22 Ultra is largely the same phone as the other two; it’s got the same processor, so you can expect a similar speed to your tasks. However, this time around, the S22 Ultra gets a 256GB and 12GB RAM model, as well as a monstrous 512GB and 12GB RAM option, putting it in line with the Tab S8 range. For truly storage-conscious users, there’s even a 1TB model, which feels insane to us. 

The camera is vastly improved, too; there’s a 40MP front-facing camera and a quad-lens rear camera, with a ridiculous 108MP wide-angle lens. Display-wise, you’re getting an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3088×1440, making this the only Quad HD+ phone in the S22 lineup.


Make no mistake: the S22 Ultra is an absolute beast in terms of size. It measures 77.9mm by 163.3mm by 8.9mm, making it a significantly chunkier phone than the other two S22 devices. It’s also significantly heavier, weighing in at 228g (which still shouldn’t trouble you too much).


Here’s where things get scary. The base S22 Ultra model will cost you £1149, and upgrading to bigger storage and RAM options means you’re paying even more. Of course, the most expensive option here is the 1TB and 12GB RAM model, which will set you back a staggering £1499. Only business and power users need apply, we suspect.


The big new feature for the S22 Ultra is S Pen compatibility; the phone comes complete with an S Pen, which you’d expect for this kind of price. It’s been designed for S Pen usage, too, which is why it’s being aimed mainly at business customers; Samsung is boasting of the new stylus’ reduced latency and precision tip, so if you draw a lot, write a lot of handwritten notes, or need the S Pen for something else, the S22 Ultra is your device. Otherwise, it’s got mostly the same features as the other S22 phones. We’ll be keeping tabs on the upcoming Samsung S23 – expected to land in 2023.

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