6 Reasons you should avoid Illegal IPTV Streams

Due to the high prices of live TV via cables and IPTV applications, customers increasingly turn to unauthorized streaming software, add-ons, and websites. The allure is understandable. Everything from sports to Hollywood blockbusters is available on-demand if you search in the right places. 

However, what are the risks that using these unauthorized services pose? Regrettably, the dangers are significant and considerable. Let’s look at them closely. 

Spyware and Viruses 

Whether on purpose or not, many consumers are likely to have come across websites giving unlawful free television at some point. The creators flood the pages with aggressive advertisements. 

Keep in mind that Google Ads or any other reliable ad network is not sending these ads. Many advertisements like this contain links to viruses and spyware. 

Furthermore, what is worse is that these advertisements are purposefully deceptive. Downloadable files are hidden in play buttons and icons, the windows move around, and ads are stacked over each other. If you use an ad blocker, access to the content will also be denied. 

You may have to dismiss multiple commercials before watching any video. A single hasty click could have you giving access to malware. The issue is not confined to websites. Many apps available for these services are not subjected to thorough security tests because of not being available on official app stores. 

Monetary Loss 

Here is a simple trick for determining whether or not an IPTV service is lawful. Legal IPTV apps are available on official app stores, while illegal are not available. The app stores could also be held liable for copyright infringement if the platforms allow unlawful streaming. 

Since legal IPTV providers aren’t cheap, numerous websites allow access to unlawful data for free. Paid unlawful services also exist, and their market is quite sizable. These services vary considerably, including additional charges for consumers wanting to stream via multiple devices. Subscribing for longer durations, however, poses the risk of monetary loss. 

Owing to their illegitimacy, service providers being unregulated could stop providing you with streams and vanish into thin air without any notification. Streams are suspended due to regulators pursuing the provider in court, hence rendering you out of budget. 

Identity Theft 

Another risk of negligently registering to illegal IPTV providers is identity theft. This happens when attackers obtain and use an individual’s confidential information like their login, social security number, and so on to gain access to their funds. 


In the illegitimate IPTV service sector, reliability remains a significant problem. Buffering is common, and suppliers’ advertised channels are usually unavailable. In addition to the financial component discussed earlier, there are logistical issues. 

You are never certain if you will make it to the end of the stream. You may miss scenes if the service stops working at the eleventh hour, as it frequently does, owing to an invasion of would-be watchers. 

Prosecution by TV Networks

Although it is undeniable that broadcasters often go after source suppliers, this is not always the case. It is a popular misconception that watching pirated content is legal as you are not downloading any content or making copies. 

Streaming video saves temporary files in the device’s cache, giving the authorities a reason to prosecute you. Even though the odds are small, they are certainly feasible. 

Even if your argument that the ephemeral time does not constitute “creating a copy,” know that if you used add-ons, you used software that has been declared illegitimate under the “Inducement Rule.” The rule was enacted in 2005 and stated that “a firm or website can be held liable for providing unlicensed content if it promotes a user to breach a copyright.”

A Disabled Internet Connection 

One significant issue with illegal IPTV streams is that using unlawful streaming sites may end your internet connection being disabled by your ISP. Although this problem is usually associated with unlicensed torrent downloads, it can also occur with illegal streaming platforms. 

The first time you hear about it is when your ISP sends you an email or a notification describing the violation. While you will not be kicked off after the first notice, repeated offenses may result in your connection being disabled or your bandwidth being throttled.

Wrapping Up 

IPTV is not unlawful in and of itself. There would be no Google, Instagram, Netflix, and other similar services if it were. When you use IPTV services unlawfully, on the other end, you are found liable for streaming piracy. Why not employ a legitimate TV streaming platform instead of facing the risks we have discussed?

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