5 Reasons Why Gaming is Actually Good for You

5 Reasons Why Gaming is Actually Good for You

The fact that people are so excited about the value of gaming speaks to its growing popularity. Whether you’ve been playing games for years or you’re new to the hobby, there is a wide spectrum of tastes and interests when it comes to what kind of game you’re interested in. In such a diverse scene, everyone needs something different in their lives: some people want to be entertained, some want to learn, the list is endless.

But did you know those Friday night game sessions can have many benefits and help you learn valuable skills? Read on to find out why gaming could in fact be helping you!

It’s good for your brain

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Gaming? Good for your brain? Yes, really! Video games can teach you to make quick decisions – often, you have to act under pressure and decide what to do immediately so you don’t fail the level. 

Games also help you to improve your hand-eye coordination – a valuable skill in all areas of life. Certain types of games improve memory recall, too. You might have to remember what techniques you used in previous parts of the game to succeed at the next level. 

When gaming, you’re thinking abstractly. Again, this is a transferrable skill that can potentially be applied to other areas of your life, such as work and studies.

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It’s a social activity

In terms of social interaction, many online games are played with other people. In fact, online gaming can be a great way to spend time with your friends or family members; you can even meet gamers from all around the world! 

While there are some games that involve real teamwork, many others are more about socializing than anything else. For example, Second Life lets you create a virtual “you” who interacts with other players in the game’s digital world. It’s thought that these virtual avatars can have a positive impact on users’ self-esteem and reduce shyness – even if they’re not necessarily used as part of an organized group activity.

It can help you learn problem-solving skills

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Let’s be honest, problem-solving is a skill that we all take for granted. 

Games help you learn to think critically and refine your problem-solving skills by providing you with puzzles and challenges that put you outside of your comfort zone. Games force you to adjust to the rules and circumstances, and they teach you that sometimes there are no right answers. That not everything has an easy way out. By taking risks and facing failure in a safe environment, gaming can help us become more comfortable with failure in other areas of our lives too.

For instance, Nintendo Labo helps players solve engineering problems through building projects using cardboard cutouts called Toy-Cons (Toy Controllers). Players are given instructions on different ways they can build their own custom Toy-Con but once built, they have the freedom to create anything they want with them!

It can teach you about cooperation and teamwork

Any game you play with a group of people will require cooperation and teamwork, even if it’s just a party game. Have you ever played games where each person is on a team? You have to work together in order to succeed. Most jobs require working with others at some point, so this can actually make you more employable!

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This could also be linked to learning how to trust others: sometimes, you won’t be able to see what your teammate is doing, but they tell you that they’re doing everything right. You need to trust them, otherwise, your team isn’t going to win. This carries on into everyday life because sometimes when we work together on assignments or projects, we have to trust that they are putting their all into it as well.

Finally, playing with a group encourages learning how to delegate tasks and decide who is better suited for specific roles or tasks in the game, which can help when completing projects outside of gaming as well.

It can boost your confidence

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Video games are a great way to boost confidence. If you ever feel like you’re less cool, smart, or attractive than those around you, gaming can help. Many video games allow you to do something that would be impossible in real life, such as fighting off an army of zombies or becoming a hero who saves the world from certain doom. 

By playing these games, you can give yourself a sense of accomplishment and discover that you have more power and ability than you thought. When it comes to feeling better about yourself, who wouldn’t want superpowers!

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