Top 10 90s TV shows

Are you ready to countdown the best of 90s TV shows?! Good! Lets get started.

The #10 90s TV Show is Hey Arnold!

What’s not to love about a 90s tv show where a character is thrown into a culturally diverse world where he has an assortment of interesting friends and an obsessed lover, I think we all wished that our life was like Arnold’s at some point (maybe aside from Helga). Every day was an adventure for this cool 4th grader.

The #9 90s TV Show is Home Improvement

AAAAUHHHH, Home Improvement’s theme song is enough to get you hooked, and who can forget Wilson and the fact that you never really saw his face. This perplexed me as a kid! I felt like I could grow up with the characters of this popular sitcom.

The #8 90s TV Show is Rocko’s Modern Life

I feel like the universe of Rocko’s Modern life was imaginative, unique, and hilarious. All the characters seemed to mesh together really well, and this 90s tv show wasn’t afraid to try new things. There are even moments of mature humor on the show that I failed to catch as a kid, that I definitely smirk at today.

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The #7 90s TV Show is Seinfeld

I was still a kid when Seinfeld aired, but I remember watching it with my mom and still enjoying it. One of my favourite episodes is when they were trying to set the high score on an arcade machine. Kramer always made me laugh, and his humor was definitely unique. Had I been born earlier this 90s tv sitcom would probably be even higher on my list.

The #6 90s TV Show is Beavis and Butthead

“Uh, hey, baby.” “We’re gonna score”. This show is in my opinion the most hilarious 90s tv show on the list. It delivers with comedic lines and isn’t afraid to take chances on questionable and stupid humor. What’s more admirable than two best friends who complement the other’s idiocracy (A Mike Judge reference for you there).

The #5 90s TV Show Is Doug

Doug was a totally average kid, and I think that’s part of what we all loved about him so much. He was an average kid who had an impeccable sense of adventure and trying new things. It seemed like Doug always found the best in everyone and everything.

The #4 90s TV Show Is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In.. West Philadelphia Born and Raised. You can’t resist starting with this phrase from the catchy theme song. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was original, it crossed the high life of living in Bel-Air with the main character coming from inner city Philadelphia. This show dealt with mature themes for kids in their teens, but still offered lots of comedic output. I feel like The Fresh Prince taught me a lot about how important family is, and what is truly important.

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The #3 90s TV Show Is Courage the Cowardly Dog

I will admit that this show scared the crap out of me as a kid, I usually pulled the old hands over the eyes trick while watching this. But I think that’s partially what I enjoyed about it so much, it tested my fear as a kid, and it did it as a cartoon! Each episode held a unique story, some were funnier, others scarier, and some just plain strange. But one thing I will surely never forget is “Return the slab!”

The #2 90s TV Show Is Dexter’s Lab

I’m a geek, and I think that’s partially why I enjoyed this show so much. Dexter was always figuring out cool and creative solutions to his problems. And what nerdy kid didn’t dream of having a lab? Dexter’s Lab also featured cool side stories like Monkey and the Justice Friends. It seems like they never ran out of ideas to keep it fresh.

The #1 90s TV Show Is Rugrats

I feel like Rugrats symbolized everything that it meant to be a kid. Every episode you felt like you could relate to the characters in some way. You were caught in the battle of who were you more like, the shy and cautious Chuckie Finster, or the Brave and admirable Tommy Pickles, or even bossy like Angelica, or strange like Phil and Lil. It seems like everyone could relate to one of the characters. The setting of the house seemed like a playground for new ideas and adventures. Your imagination was the only limit, and that’s what I loved about Rugrats.

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