Top 8 Forgotten 90s Toys

Before you read this article think hard about any forgotten 90s toy you held close to your heart at some time! If it didn’t make the list leave a comment and maybe we’ll feature it someway on our site.
When we think about the 90s, there are many toys that stand out in our memories like Furbies, Giga-pets, Transformers, Beanie Babies…I could go on. But what about the forgotten 90s toys. With all the epic toys that were offered in the 90s, we’re bound to let a few slip our minds over the years. Here’s a list of some 90s toys you just might have forgotten about.

1. Yo-Yo Ball Yo! Yo! Yo-Yo Ball!

90s kids figured out that spending countless minutes rewinding and untangling yo-yo strings was for the birds. The perfect toy for those suffering from separation anxiety, this yo-yo promised to “always come back to you”. If your Yo-Yo Ball is long gone, no worries, you can find always find one on eBay. Want to see more about yo-yo balls? Check out the wiki it has quite the page..

2. Pooch patrol

“When the lightning starts to flash, they’ll protect you from the crash, you’ve got Pooch Patrol!” With the flip of a lip, your sweet, loving pet became a vicious guard dog. The commercial showed that this pooch was the best defense against movie villains, would-be robbers and even overly affectionate family members. Whether you had Bitsy the Poodle or Spike the Bloodhound, having this dog around always somehow made you feel safer. Pinterest has Pooch Patrol on a 90s toys board check it the here.

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3. Splash out “Splash Out from Galoob! Water not included!”

One of my favorite commonly forgotten 90s toys. This anxiety producing game gave us a fun diversion when we wanted a break from the slip and slide. All the fun of a water balloon fight coupled with the high pressure of hot potato. If you still seek the thrill of narrowly missing getting hit with a face full of water, check out Splash Out games still available on Amazon.forgotten 90s toy splashout

4. 2-XL

Way before we had Siri to talk to, we had the forgotten 90s toy 2-XL. We were so excited to own our very own robot that we hardly noticed it was an educational toy. Its earliest release was in 1978 with 8 track cartridges and was released again in 1992 with the cassette tape version we all remember. Always encouraging, 2-XL would say things like, “Although I have the looks, you have the brains. You must be a genius! Good work.” Or, “it is amazing that big brain of yours fits into that head. Nice answer, football is correct.” Why, thank you 2-XL!

5. Magic Potty Baby “Your potty feels like magic when it flushes out loud!”

I would like to have been in the product development meeting where the idea for this forgotten 90s toy was pitched. This doll was disturbing, especially when watching the commercial twenty years later…but as a 90s kid, I have to admit I wanted one. Watch the commercial below at your own risk- you may not be able to get the Magic Potty Baby song out of your head for the rest of the day.

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6. Quints

If you wanted to multiply your fun with five dolls that wet themselves, then Quints were for you! How’s this for a selling point: “They really wet in their potty for 5!” Five little dolls with connected sleeping bags and bottles and “magic” diapers whose numbers would appear when…well, you know. I’m having visions of what it would be like to try to feed five babies with connected bottles in real life…not pretty. Still, super cute dolls, with lots of fun accessories (sold separately, of course) made for a favorite toy in the early 90s.

7. Pirates of Dark Water

If you don’t remember or never knew with these often forgotten 90s toys, Prince Ren had to save the world of Mer from a toxic Dark Water by finding the thirteen Treasures of Rule. This short-lived series ended with no warning after 21 episodes with only 8 of 13 treasures collected-closure issues, anyone? The show did leave behind a great line of action figures that you may remember as a 90s kid. Who wouldn’t want a pirate ship with a “boulder hurling catapult” and a “power blasting harpoon”?

8. Betty Spaghetty “She comes apart, but she’s so together!”

Betty Spaghetty the often forgotten 90s toy was the much better forerunner to the Bratz dolls of today. With many brightly-colored accessories, hair options and clothes, Betty somehow managed not to totally creep us out with the fact that she could be completely pulled apart. You can still buy these on Amazon, but they are not cheap!

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