5 Video Games To Boost Creativity

As video games have developed in the past few years, their reputation as complete time-wasters has quickly been shed. It is widely accepted that playing video games correlates directly with the ability to think creatively.

When playing video games, critical thinking is almost always involved. Playing video games won’t make you super-smart. You can, however, learn strategic thinking from video games.

You can improve your creativity and critical thinking by playing these five games.

1. Minecraft

We need to begin with the obvious one. We assume that you are familiar with Minecraft even if you have never played this game. On YouTube, you can find a wide variety of tutorials on creating immense structures. Games within games, such as Pacman, have been created by some of the most creative people.

2. Terraria

Despite appearing to be a 2D variation of Minecraft, Terraria offers much more. While playing, you must establish structures that support NPCs (non-playable characters) that aid you in different ways.

Players can build incredible armor in Terraria and make their builds stronger as they advance. Terreraria requires a lot of creative thinking, either through outside research or through trying out different tactics.

3. Little Big Planet

Games like Little Big Planet offer more than simply side-scrolling action. The game’s goal is to move from left to right until you reach the end of the level. LPB’s appeal lies in finding hidden stickers that unlock rewards and prizes by solving challenges on each level.

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Similar to Minecraft, new levels can also be created by the player using their imagination. Players have recreated Legend of Zelda and other famous games using Little Big Planet’s level creator.

4. Big Brain Academy

You can play the game on the DS and the Wii. With Big Brain Academy, you can exercise your various mental skills, including thinking, analyzing, computing, identifying, and memorizing.

As a player, you have the option of participating in a variety of exercises depending on your particular skill set. Also, on Wii, you can compete against several friends to prove who’s the sharpest.

5. Animal Crossing

A game like Animal Crossing is undoubtedly the most relaxing one on this list. The appeal of Animal Crossing is indisputable. While walking around your town, you can visit NPCs and acquire items to enhance your home.

In addition, you can fish, hunt for treasure, and visit other players’ cities. You gain more room for decorating the house if you complete Tom Nook’s tasks. Despite the game’s circular nature and the fact that it never ends, it is fun and creative to play.

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