A Few Ways You Can Get COD Points And Credits

When mobile gaming took off back in 2007, it was a revolution. Companies scrambled to get in on the incredible audience and market share that mobile gaming promised, and with the advent of the iPhone, mobile gaming became accessible to a colossal consumer base. Quality exponentially increased over the next few years and mobile gaming grew to rival both its console and PC equivalents for sheer quality and accessibility. Today, mobile gaming is one of the most popular and enduring ways to enjoy video games, largely because everyone has a smartphone.

With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before Activision’s Call of Duty franchise became available on mobile. While some companion apps to main series games have been produced in the past, there had never been a true blue mobile instalment of the Call of Duty series. That is, until Call of Duty: Mobile appeared. Created by Chinese studio TiMi and published by Activision, Call of Duty: Mobile is available to play for free via iOS and Android, so no matter which smartphone market you’re subscribing to, you’ve got access to this game.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, you’re getting a stripped-back but still feature-rich version of the first-person shooter action everyone knows and loves from the main franchise. The controls have been specifically crafted for the mobile platform, and they’re surprisingly intuitive and well-implemented (although we should perhaps expect no less from Activision at this point). There’s no single-player campaign, but there is a wealth of multiplayer content including standard deathmatches and even a battle royale mode. Suffice it to say there’s plenty in Call of Duty: Mobile for the discerning Call of Duty fan.

One of the most important things about Call of Duty: Mobile is its implementation of in-game currency. If you’ve played Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll know that there are two different forms of in-game currency for you to spend. The two different forms of Mobile currency are COD Points and Credits. Both of these currencies are acquired differently; one can only be gained by spending real-world money, while the other is exclusively earned in-game and can be accumulated through playing well and simply experiencing the game.

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So, you’re probably wondering about quick ways to obtain COD Points and Credits, right? Well, never fear: we’re here to tell you how to get free COD Points and Credits. Just head over to the site we’ve linked and they’ll tell you the rest. Don’t worry; it’s a completely legitimate and above-board site that carries no risks for your account and won’t lead to you getting banned or becoming unable to play the game. All you need to do is go through the process on the site and you’ll quickly gain access to massive amounts of in-game currency to spend on guns, upgrades, and more.

Perhaps we’d better explain exactly what COD Points and Credits actually do. It’s pretty simple: they act as ways to unlock more content for Call of Duty: Mobile. Both types of credits will unlock weapons and perks, but you’ll see different content in each store, meaning that you can’t buy certain items with one type of currency but you can with the other. These items can be anything from new weapons and items through to character perks, aesthetic upgrades, and even new weapon upgrades. It’s well worth acquiring as much in-game Mobile currency as you can.

There are other ways of acquiring both of these currencies, of course, but they’re nowhere near as quick as the site we linked above. COD Points are much easier to acquire, but they will need you to spend real-world money in order to obtain them; at the time of writing, there is no way to acquire COD Points in-game, at least not on the same scale as Credits. With that in mind, the best way to acquire COD Points is probably to spend money for the premium Battle Pass. There’s a free tier, too, but the premium tier will grant you COD Points at an expanded rate.

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Credits are much easier to acquire, and most Call of Duty: Mobile players will be able to obtain them throughout the course of their time with the game. To put it simply, earning Call of Duty: Mobile Credits involves playing lots of games. That means you can either play the competitive multiplayer mode, the zombies mode, or the battle royale mode, as well as any other gameplay mode the developers add in the future. Playing well in these modes will net you Credits, so if you’re skilled at the game then you can quickly earn Credits to spend on whatever upgrades you’d like.

This has been a quick guide on how to earn Call of Duty: Mobile COD Points and Credits. If you’re good at the game then you can quickly amass a trove of Credits, but earning Points is a little trickier, so make sure that you have real-world cash to hand if you’d like to earn some. Alternately, you could check out the link we provided above; that’s an excellent place to earn both currencies without expending too much effort. Either way, we hope you enjoy your time with the game – Call of Duty: Mobile could well be the best the franchise has been in a very long time!

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