Can You Become Popular On TikTok In Two Months?

Last year, TikTok was announced as the seventh most downloaded mobile app of the entire decade. That’s a pretty incredible achievement; although TikTok was originally created in 2012, it didn’t launch for non-Chinese markets until 2017. In two years, TikTok managed to rack up more downloads than apps that were released much, much earlier. It’s not an overstatement to say that TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps ever created.

With that in mind, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to become famous on this platform and whether that can be done within a short time frame. The short answer is that it is technically possible to become popular on TikTok within two months, but you’ll need to follow a fairly rigid framework. Becoming popular on any social media platform isn’t easy, and TikTok prioritises content almost more than any other platform does. It’s not impossible, though. Here are some steps you can take for quick TikTok fame.

Use a premium follower service

One of the most expedient ways to gain popularity is to use a premium free following service for TikTok. This service will bring you free followers using advertisements; it won’t compromise your account security and it’s completely above board. There’s also a drip-feed option so you can make your ascent to stardom look slower and more natural, thus creating more appeal for other potential followers. It’s a self-perpetuating system that leads to real-time benefits for you.

Create great content

While you can use free follower services and other things to get yourself TikTok famous, they won’t help if you’re not creating great content first and foremost. TikTok is essentially the successor to the short looping video platform Vine, and it’s where a lot of content creators from that platform have taken themselves. If you’re not making funny, informative, or relevant content that’s succinct and relatable, then you’re probably not going to see your follower numbers skyrocket.

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By adding trending tags to your videos, you’re making sure that your content is getting widespread exposure. Trending tags are essentially tags you apply to your video that are currently trending within the wider TikTok community. Make sure you constantly stay appraised of these tags. What are they? How can you create content that’s relevant to them? It’s a good idea to keep an eye on what’s going on in current events, too, as this often finds its way to TikTok’s trending tags page.

Make sure to craft your content well

Good content and well-crafted content aren’t necessarily the same thing. While it’s possible to end up TikTok famous in a short space of time by simply catching the zeitgeist accidentally, there’s really no substitute for meticulously-crafted content with clear love behind it. The downside here is that trending tags often move on so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Strike a balance between crafting your content and keeping up with trending tags and you’re bound to strike gold as a result.

Don’t neglect other platforms

TikTok isn’t the be-all and end-all of social media platforms. If you want to see your content grow organically and quickly, you’ll need to make the most of other platforms. That means posting your content to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and anywhere else you could potentially get a large following. Don’t simply confine yourself to TikTok; doing so means you could be missing out on huge crossover audiences who might find your TikTok page through other means.

Pick your audience

Trying to appeal to everyone in the world when it comes to TikTok content is a fool’s errand. The truth is that not all audiences consume the same content. Sticking with one audience is a surefire way to make sure your content appeals to a certain group of people. Conversely, stretching yourself too thin can mean that audiences quickly grow tired of you and see through your attempt to appeal to too broad a church. Pick your demographic, do your research, and watch your numbers shoot up!

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Be consistent

For a two-month time period, posting content every day or every other day is absolutely essential if you want to grow your TikTok following. Consistency is one of the most important qualities a social media content creator can show. By being consistent, you’re showing your audience that you care about them and want to create content for them as frequently as you possibly can. Growing a following is much easier when your following has something to look forward to each day.

Build a network

You might be tempted to see other TikTok users as the competition, but this would be a grievous error. While it’s true that many TikTok users will be out for your audience, the truth is that there’s room for everyone on the platform. Reach out to other users and network with them. If you find people with whom you think you could create a group or a collective, this can be a fantastic way to grow popularity, and you’ll do so very quickly indeed if anyone in your group or collective is already famous on TikTok.

Don’t give up

If, after two months, you find that you’re not building a TikTok profile, don’t despair. It takes many people much, much longer than that to even build a meagre following. The truth is that if you do manage to amass millions of followers within two months then you’re probably astoundingly lucky. Like anything else, building social media followers takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Don’t let your follower count be all that makes you passionate about content creation.

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