Best way to get Plex on EVE Online

EVE Online is a community-driven free-to-play game where you can experience space exploration, Player versus Environment (PvE), or Player versus Player (PvP) battles.

Although the game is almost 20 years old and has gone through countless updates, it has stayed competitive and still attracts a large number of players worldwide.

Apart from the possibility of feeling like an active participant in space battles, the game is recognized for its thriving economy, allowing players to acquire resources and currencies using various methods.

One of the most valuable and, hence, desired currency in EVE Online is Plex. This currency can be traded for millions in ISK, but also enables players to purchase valuable commodities, such as:

  • ships,
  • modules,
  • Skill Injectors.

How much is Plex on EVE Online?

To get Plex, you are able to simply purchase it with real money in the store. Nevertheless, the price of Plex is volatile as it depends on supply and demand as well as the vendor.

Fortunately, acquiring it with real money is not the best way to get Plex in EVE Online.

As it turns out, there are better methods available that don’t require you to incur high costs.

What are the best ways to get Plex in EVE Online?

MillionPugs way

MillionPugs is a recently-launched cashback platform allowing users to get in-game content for EVE Online and other games by shopping online in the affiliated stores.

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In spite of the fact that the service is fresh, it already collaborates with over 850 different brands that have prepared special deals for MillionPugs users, allowing them to collect points when they make purchases.

These points are called pugs™. Once you collect a sufficient number of pugs™, you can exchange them for EVE Online content, such as:

  • Plex,
  • Omega,
  • Soldier of Fortune Pack.

To take full advantage of the service, it is advisable to install the MillionPugs browser extension. It will display a notification every time you visit a store that has special deals equipping you with pugs™.

Incursions way

Another way of getting Plex on EVE Online are incursions.

Incursions are automated events where the NPC faction called the Sansha’s Nation invade space aiming at conquering it for themselves.

In order to revert the invaded space into an area which can be occupied safely, you and your fleet members need to fight off the NPC faction.

Incursions are known as high-end PvE fleet content. Unlike missions, which require active tanks, they fully rely on buffer tanks characterized by high damage resistance.

During incursions, each member of a fleet is valuable as the fleet size is restricted. Therefore, lack of skills or inefficiency cannot be compensated by using more ships. It is crucial, then, to attentively choose fleet crew in order not to shoot oneself in the foot.

As it turns out, incursions are a very profitable activity as:

  • a normal fleet can earn about 60 million ISK per hour,
  • more advanced fleets can earn more than 100 million ISK per hour,
  • specialized communities can earn even more than 200 million ISK per hour.

When you are boosted with ISK, you can then trade Plex for ISK.

The Plex price is high, but due to the profitability of incursions, it is doable to get as much Plex as you need.

Nullsec ratting (NSC ratting)

Finally, you can also earn ISK, and consequently Plex, by killing pirate NPCs. This activity is also known as ratting.

At the NSC, you have primarily two types of ratting:

  • clearing asteroid belts,
  • hunting down and competing combat sites (combat anomalies and combat signatures).

The first type is easier, but combat sites provide you with better ISK per tick and, as a result, more Plex to be obtained.

Summing up, Plex is a valuable currency in EVE Online, allowing you to equip yourself with powerful ships, Skills Injectors or new modules. Luckily, purchasing them with real money is not the only and not the best way to get Plex on EVE Online.

It is more beneficial to take advantage of the MillionPugs cashback platform. It allows you to collect points for shopping online and then exchange them for Plex. Apart from this, you use in-game options such as incursions or NSC ratting.

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