Oldschool RuneScape: Bone Voyage Quest 

The Bone Voyage OSRS quest follows the story of Curator Haig Halen, who is set on sailing towards an island in north Morytania, which is believed to be of archeological importance. Before setting sail, the player must assist Haig in building a barge worthy of the voyage. The Curator Haig Halen is employed at the Varrock museum, preserving pieces of Gielinor’s past. We warn you this quest is very back-and-forth, which may not suit some players. 

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Bone Voyage: starting the quest & first tasks 

The player must reach Varrock and locate the museum on the city’s east side. Once there, the player will have to find the Curator and begin a conversation with him in which he will share that he recently discovered the location of Fossil Island north of Morytania. The Curator will also demand the player for help, as he needs someone with his skills to aid him in the journey. 

Upon accepting the quest, the player must reach the Digsite, located on the east side of Varrock, next to the River Salve. Being the location of multiple searches, the Digsite is a ruin of the once capital of the Zarosian Empire, Senntisten. The city was captured and destroyed by Seradominists during the God Wars and was later a foundation of their city Saranthium. 

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Moving on with the quest, the barge mentioned above will be located on the north side of the Digsite, and its foreman will require a particular type of wood to be found as the current magic wood does not keep the barge on the water. The wood has unknown effects making it unpredictable. To start with this, the player must interact with the barge supervisor, which will instruct them to obtain the unique redwood from the Sawmill operator in the Lumber Yard. 

The Lumberyard is situated northwest of the barge. The Sawmill operator will send off the player to deliver a specific proposal to the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius. For this part, it is recommended to use teleports, as the guild is located in the Kingdom of Great Kourend.

Once at the guild, the player must find and interact with the guild’s Sawmill Operator to hand over the proposal. Those unable to access the Woodcutting Guild should seek entry through the eastern gate and have Berry look over and sign the proposal instead. The agreement should then be returned to the Sawmill operator in Varrock. 

The Curse 

Back at the barge, the player must seek the Lead Navigator, who will share the previous expedition attempts and how he thinks the voyage is cursed. Then, he will require the player to prove that the journey will be safe from the curse. To do so, the player must converse with seasoned sailors in Port Sarim’s Rusty Anchor Inn to learn more about the matter in hopes of finding a solution. For this step, teleportation is recommended, as Port Sarim is situated near Draynor Village. 

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Lucky Bone Charm & Potion of Sealegs 

At the Rusty Anchor Inn, the player should locate Jack Seagull and ask him about the voyage. He will then state that the Lucky Bone Charm must fend off the curse and send the player to Silvarea Mine to get it from the Odd Old Man. During the conversation, another NPC will get involved, Ahab, who will say that the Potion of Sealegs is necessary for a safe journey. 

At this point, the player has to return to the barge and speak to the Lead and Junior Navigators to figure out the necessary one. The navigators will conclude that both Lucky Bone Charm and Potion of Sealegs are required; therefore, the player will have to get them. Getting the Potion of Sealegs will require the player to locate and speak with the Apothecary in Varrock near the square. 

Setting Sail 

Once navigators receive their desired items, the journey will begin. The potion will incapacitate the crew except for the Junior Navigator, and the quest will fall upon the player to steer the barge toward Fossil Island. Barge steering commands will appear, and a progress bar that, when filled up, means the player has reached the island. If the player gets lost or the entire interaction lasts too long, everyone will wake up, and progress will be reset. 

Rewards for completing Bone Voyage 

After reaching Fossil Island, players will receive access to the island and the notebook. Apart from that, one quest point will be awarded to the player as usual. Congratulations!

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