13+ Top Tycoon Games for 2020

Ever wanted to be a captain of industry? One of those business types with unimaginable fortune, offices in every major country of the world and people naming their babies after you? Well, maybe not the last one but if you fancy the rest of it, and more, then maybe tycoon games are for you?

Tycoon games allow to explore the excitement of entrepreneurship without taking on any risk. How far can you go? Let us take a look at the best existing and upcoming tycoon games of 2020 – in no particular order.

Voxel Tycoon

If you are a fan of innovate mechanics, then Voxel Tycoon is the title for you. Coming to PC soon, the game sees you building mining factories, harvesting resources and building a sprawling rail network empire.

Latte Stand Tycoon +

Not your typical tycoon game, join Maya and Mia as they try and make a name for themselves in the town of Falling Leaves. An odd mix of adventure and tycoon, Latte Stand Tycoon is a modern take on an old classic and retains it’s 8bit lustre beautifully. Maintain your stock, and turn their run-down Latte Stand into a full-on Café.

Smartphone Tycoon Lite

Definitely something different. Can you take on the might of the big dogs in the smartphone industry and take your offering across the globe? Smartphone Tycoon is a totally unique take on the genre, allowing players to design and then market their own smartphone, via their fledgling smartphone company.

Merchant of The Skies

With a nod to RPG titles, Merchant of The Skies  you become the captain of your very own airship! Gather resources, sell your wares and build the best and biggest trading empire in the sky. Starting with a small airship, work your way up the virtual ladder to dominance.

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Comic Book Tycoon

Start your own comic book adventure in a tiny room set in the 80s – winning contracts, building your offices and selling comic book movie rights. Be the comic book mogul you always wanted to be, right from your computer with Comic Book Tycoon… Stan Lee mask optional.

Zoo Constructor

Most of us will remember the theme park based tycoon games, now feast your eyes on Zoo Constructor. Not quite Zoo Tycoon, but for our money this is much more accessible and more detailed. This is not ‘just’ an economic but also a complex animal simulation that requires careful thought and planning.


MMPORG Tycoon 2 has been in development for quite some time and is now finally available for early access testing. Take charge of a full-sized MMORPG world and fill it with monsters, towns, NPCs, and quest chains. Design the player classes for AI subscribers to use and keep them entertained!

Transport Fever 2

Take transport infrastructure to the next level, and the world, and make a mint with custom-built services. You can watch your trains, buses and trucks as they hurtle through the countryside and through cities. Be the reason cities grow and thrive and don’t forget your ship and airline empires either! From 1850 to the present day, Transport Fever 2 is a tycoon game you will not find easy to put down.

Startup Company

Can you be the next Bill Gate, Elon Musk? Take charge of a small Startup Company and with the help of a  small investment help it grow into something spectacular, taking on the biggest tech. giants in the world. The ultimate goal? Turn your small Backoffice internet startup into the most valuable company in the history of the business world.

Good Company – EARLY ACCESS

Another Early Access game for you to have an early peek at. Good Company is set to become a classic. Do you fancy building your own robot army making factory empire? Good Company lets you do exactly that, growing from founder to industry leader. Complex logistics systems mean that every step of the process can be automated by the player. A fun, bright visual style makes this a treat on the eyes.

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Sim Airport

Kind of a throwback to the classics, Sim Airport allows you to design, build and manage either a regional powerhouse or an international hub as you see fit. This is an extremely deep simulation where every single detail has an effect – even where you place the rubbish bins! One of the most in-depth tycoon/simulation games on the market today.

Planet Zoo

We could not wrap up our favourite tycoon games for 2020 without a mention of Planet Zoo. We already have a zoo tycoon game listed, but this is just too gorgeous not to be included. Reminiscent of Zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo is developed by the same team. Construct and manage the world’s wildest zoos, filling them with animals that think, behave and explore their surroundings with a realism not seen before.

Planet Coaster

You have probably heard of Rollercoaster Tycoon, well Planet Coaster is the next step in the evolutionary journey of rollercoaster management games. Easy to pick up controls, coupled with the deepest park simulation mechanics ever seen make Planet Coaster a must have for any fan of the genre. Manipulate the landscape as well as the rides you create in order to create truly unique worlds for your simulated visitors to enjoy.

All of these tycoon games are either available now, will be soon or are currently in early access. If you like to build businesses from the ground up and take them to staggering heights – these are the tycoon games that you need to check out.

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