Desklab Might Reign Supreme as the Best Gaming Monitor 2022 Has to Offer

What makes the best gaming monitor? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. Not all gaming monitors excel at everything, so the world of gaming needs the Desklab more than ever.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one 4K solution, this monitor might be the best all-around player on the market.

The 2022 Edition Desklab

Buying a 4K gaming monitor is a tricky business. On the one hand, it will offer today’s AAA titles in the most amazing detail. On the other hand, gaming at 4K resolution isn’t available to every gamer, which is why the Desklab is getting a lot of market traction.

Mid-range to high-end GPUs rarely put out over 60 FPS unless you don’t mind overclocking, using aftermarket cooling, or having a gaming system. However, with new generations of graphics cards on the horizon, 4K gaming may be more attainable at higher frames per second.

The same goes for console users who now benefit from higher refresh rates on their consoles.

This is where the Desklab comes in. Previously, this brand didn’t produce 4K-capable monitors. But the latest iteration of this ultralight portable gaming monitor tells a different story.

The new and improved Desklab comes with HDMI 2.1 connectivity, enabling 4K streaming at higher refresh rates. If your system can power it, the monitor’s 120Hz refresh rate will let you game at up to 120 FPS, the best the world of gaming graphics has to offer.

That said, this isn’t just a best gaming monitor contender as far as PS5 or PC users are concerned.

While it may seem thin, frail, and small at 15.6 inches, this monitor has a lot more under the hood than you might think.

Desklab Compatibility

Name a gaming platform, and this monitor probably has plug-and-play connectivity with it. It is designed as a universal solution for primary and secondary displays on any platform, from your standard PC to MacBooks to mobile devices and gaming consoles of all sizes.

You likely already have a decent 4K gaming monitor if you’re a desktop user. And you might not need one unless you want something smaller as a secondary screen.

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But for mobile users, console gamers, and laptop users, the Desklab offers almost unparalleled versatility.

Technical Specifications

Here’s what you can expect from this ultralight portable gaming monitor.

Screen Size and Resolution

The monitor comes in at 15.6 inches, a display large enough for anyone used to mobile devices and laptops.

It can display FHD at 1920 x 1080 resolution and 4K UHD at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Gamers will also appreciate the 16:9 ratio IPS display, providing superior visual quality, less screen tearing, and better viewing angles.

Connectivity and Interface

The monitor comes with a mini HMID port and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack to let you game without disturbing others.

In addition, you’ll find two USB-C ports and a micro USB port along with a MicroSD slot. A simple power button and wheel button combination will allow you to navigate through the menu and adjust the volume and color settings.

Gaming Experience

You can select between 10 brightness and contrast levels to adjust the picture to your standards. The Desklab also has an ECO mode, sharpness adjustability, and dynamic contrast ratio.

Keep in mind that the color temperature goes up to 9300k but can be changed to your liking. Hue and saturation are also fully customizable, and you’re also allowed to switch the color gamut to one of four options.

However, two standout features shine when it comes to the gaming experience. First, we have a low blue light setting. It has 10 levels of adjustability that can drastically reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Secondly, the Desklab comes with built-in Free Sync. This means that you can match the monitor’s refresh rate with whatever your GPU can support. Hence, you’ll experience less tearing than on other portable gaming monitors.

This feature is also convenient for newbie gamers who aren’t technically savvy.

4K On-the-Go

The Desklab weighs around 1.3 lbs. Is this enough to make it the best ultralight gaming monitor?

It might be when you also consider its compact size, super-thin frame, and fantastic resolution.

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But its portability features don’t stop with the monitor’s construction. This monitor can be powered by your gaming devices. Additionally, it can act as a charger for your device if you use the monitor’s adapter to charge it directly from the grid.

This makes it a highly versatile gaming monitor that you can have at your side at all times.

High Refresh Rate

If you’re a PC user or even a laptop enthusiast, 144Hz monitors are somewhat accessible. They can give you the best balance of image quality and fluid gameplay of anything on the market.

But a good 144Hz gaming monitor doesn’t come cheap. And buying an entry-level one won’t do you any favors.

However, if you’re more of a mobile or console gamer, or even a budget PC gamer, the Desklab is a viable option.

It boasts an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. That’s enough to easily render up to 120 FPS, should your gaming platform be powerful enough to stream that fast at 1080p or 4K.

Since there are still plenty of gamers struggling on 60Hz and 75Hz monitors, – some costing more than this ultralight portable gaming monitor – the Desklab becomes an even more exciting option.

To make things even better, the high refresh rate is paired with a low 10ms responsiveness which is more than admirable given the package.

Is It Future Proof?

Desklab blows its previous generations out of the water with each new release. That said, it’s hard to envision a cheaper portable 4K gaming monitor that offers as much as this device.

As gaming systems evolve, more devices will be able to maximize the full potential of the Desklab monitor and unlock 120 FPS at a 4K resolution with high-quality graphics settings.

Right now, the systems that could be bottlenecked by this monitor are priced in the thousands of dollars. So, the Desklab is as future-proof as it can be.

If you’d like to check out more information about its specs, customization, and buying options, we recommend visiting the manufacturer’s official website:

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