The Division Creative Director Considers the Game an RPG First

The last issue of PC Gamer UK reported a feature about one of the most anticipated game of 2016, Tom Clancy’s The Division. In this feature, the author gave his impressions about the game and showed also some information taken from Magnus Jansen, The Division’s creative director. Jansen stated that the Ubisoft’s title isn’t only for group play, but it also go well for singleplayers:

“I’ve been very deliberately trying to make a great singleplayer game, because I strongly believe that we should use carrot and not stick to get people to play with other people. The reason why we have two main gun slots and two skill slots is that you can be a well-rounded solo player as well. The whole point of having two skills is that I can have an offensive and a supportive skill when I’m playing by myself. Then, if I go into a group, I could switch so both of them are supportive.”

Moreover, the Creative Director said his opinion about the game’s genre, saying that, according to him, it is not principally a shooter:

“We are obviously standing on the shoulders of some big giants in terms of the RPG space, and so yes, when we also merge that with the shooter – because it is a shooter – you’re going to have to figure out which one yields. We are definitely an RPG first.”

Finally, Jensen told PC Gamer UK about one interesting feature concerning the personalization of the UI:

“One of the extra lengths that we’ve gone to that I think is super cool is the UI customisation where you can customise not only where the UI elements are, but change size and everything. Not only can you do that but, if you have multiple monitors, you can decide to have the UI on a separate monitor. It’s not something you see often, and it’s very, very cool.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2016. The open beta is avaiable until February 21.

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