5 Slot Games To Win Real Money In 2022

The gambling industry has grown over time, and so have gaming categories such as tables, cards, and slots. There’s a familiar thrill of watching your wins pile up on every spin. Slot games are not complex to play; you only need to understand them, have a bit of luck on your side, and exercise patience to win real money in the long term.

Slot games have grown from the simple spinning of wheels. Some games take you through an adventure like you’re a character in a movie. There are others where you’ll tie three or more symbols on the reel to win real money. An example of this is Wheel of Fortune Ruby Riches Slot Game, which has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.15% in most casinos, which means you’d get 96.15% of your earnings if you win.

If you’re thinking about the best slot games to win real money in 2022, this article will show you five of them with fantastic play and huge returns.

Slot Games You Can Play To Win Real Money

Playing online could be challenging. Maximizing the bonuses offered could be tricky as well. But you’ll always enjoy your play and get more money by specifying the games you play. Some of these are:

1. Asgard

Released by Realtime Gaming (RTG), it’s mythology-based and takes you to one of the Nine Worlds of Norse. It features gods who are the rulers of Asgard, a place in the sky. It’s an adventure-based game about a mythical land where you can enjoy the powers of Freyja, Loki, Thor, and Odin.

These gods will fill your reels when you’ve won some prize actions. The game features the god of mischief (Loki), the god of wilds (Freyja), and the god of a lightning strike (Thor), all of which provide unique thrills while playing.

It has a 5×3 layout and provides 243 ways every player can win. You can learn these 243 ways by reading the guide before you play Asgard. Playing means hitting identical symbols on your reels until you tie specific ones that show winning.

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2. Reels & Wheels XL

Here is a 3-D slot game accessible from any casino website. It has 20 paylines compared to an earlier version, and it also has more significant action. It provides an RTP of 96% and has many betting sizes. You can start a game with at least $0.20 a spin and can go up to $200 per spin.

There is a wheel bonus, free spins, and multiple progressive jackpots, which can help you win more money if you are lucky. It has a rainbow color scheme and shows symbols that show the face card values. These are J, Q, K, and A, and you can get five to 7.5 times your entire bet if you hit any of these alphabets.

It’s one of the most profitable games you’d find in any casino, and this is because you can also land 10x to 12.5x of your initial bet if you land five of the pay lines. You can also earn 12 free spins throughout the gameplay, which will boost your chances of making more money.

3. Golden Buffalo

This Aristocrat-made game is popular and distinct and has been available since 2013. It’s played on five reels and has four rows, but the ways to win are up to 1024. While it has high risk, it has a medium variance/volatility rate and an RTP of 96%, which means you can have a reasonable percentage on your win.

The first thing you should do is to be familiar with the payout values of each symbol before you play. Once you do that, you can spin manually or automatically if you’re sure of what’s on your reels.

However, there’s a downside to it. Watch out for the Golden Buffalo game, which pops up after your wins. It’s a chance to double or lose all your wins, and it’s best you avoid it. It’s better to go away with your wins than to gamble it on an unstable post-win bonus which is highly volatile.

4. A Night with Cleo

Set in Ancient Egypt, it features the story of Cleopatra, one of the most phenomenal Egyptian Queens whose story is still being told in tales. It was manufactured by Rival Gaming, has an RTP of 92.5%, and fixed pay lines of 20. You can enjoy a $0.20-$200 bet with a maximum prize of 10,000 coins, excluding the jackpot.

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This 20 paylines slot game takes you through pyramids and magnificent scenes. The base game provides three or more matching symbols, which can be a catalyst to win and double your eventual withdrawal.

You’ll play a role with the protagonist, Cleo, who is the character of Cleopatra, and all you need to do is tick the right boxes. You’d also have free spins if you run out of coins and a jackpot to win (although they’re randomly triggered).

5. 10 Times Vegas

Also developed by Rival Gaming, you can say it’s built for old-school players. It doesn’t have contemporary graphics and audio quality; it’s reminiscent of the 80s and 90s casino games. The game is simple to play as it’s about spinning the reels and using bonuses to boost your chances of winning.

It has a 3×3 format, and the graphics and symbols may not be familiar if you’re a part of the millennials. Its symbols are from the golden age. They are the likes of single, cherries, double, and triple bars. You’d also find some green, blue, and red 7s and 10xs, which are valued differently.

A single spin can make you win, especially if you hit valuable bars. For example, green bars in 7s make blues worth 60, greens worth 90, and red are 120, while for 10x, landing a win makes your move indisputable.

The Bottom Line

Winning a slot game doesn’t require a lot of technicalities. You can learn by seeing other players, and you can also learn by understanding the rules of the game.

There are many variants of slots that you can play to win real money in 2022, but titles like Asgard, Reels & Wheels XL, Golden Buffalo, A Night with Cleo, and 10 Times Vegas, are some of the best you can go for. These games guarantee a fun time at the machines and high RTPs.

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