Yes, 100% true. Thanks to our inseder we know what Microsoft will show at this E3 2016, so we are publishing here the first thing we know: Playground Games will show Forza Horizon 3, as expected. The title is the first to be shown at the conference, after the slot about Xbox One S (which starts at $299) and Gears of War 4 gameplay. So, here are all info about this game (SPOILER ALERT if don’t want to know anything!):

  • Lamborghini Centenario;
  • It is set in Australia;
  • Extreme terrains;
  • The largest open-world ever built by PG;
  • Largest car roster ever seen in Horizon;
  • 4 player campain co-op;
  • Exclusive Xbox One & Windows 10;
  • Available September 27, 2016.