Nintendo Switch Pro to Challenge Xbox Series X and PS5?

It may not be the biggest gaming console, but it has definitely been the most successful one. Nintendo have been hugely successful with their Nintendo Switch Sales and it seems as though they would be slowing down anytime soon with rumours of a Pro version to be released in 2021.

Although the competition has faced numerous challenges including rarely being in stock, the Nintendo Switch managed to stay top dog in November despite the PS5 launch taking place. The Switch and Switch Lite received a total 1.35 million sales in the US alone and in the month of November.

On top of those statistics, the Nintendo Switch did better in 2020 than in 2019 with almost a half a million more sales. We don’t have confirmed numbers for the PS5 and Xbox Series X but due to the fact that we haven’t seen many restocks taking place so the numbers can’t be high. This is of course excluding those on the waiting list.

The previous console managed to sell 2 million units worldwide across 2 launch dates including November 12th and 19th with stock disappearing almost instantly. It is however worth mentioning that the PS5 did reach the number one spot on Switch sales in the UK.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are definitely the more expensive consoles with the exception of the slightly cheaper Xbox Series S console which is priced similarly to the RRP of the Nintendo Switch. This on top of the limited stock available, makes it even more difficult to get your hands on a console at an affordable price. With all the ‘scalpers’ out there and the bots who are constantly snapping up all the stock to then sell it for a much higher price. The Nintendo Switch has the upper hand when it comes to this. With plenty of stock available and cheaper alternatives available, the Nintendo Switch is a definite front-runner with the consoles.

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With Sony and Microsoft only promising to meet demands for consoles late into the year, it does not look promising. Especially when there’s rumours of a Nintendo Switch upgrade coming in 2021 or later with further possibilities of 4K visuals and Mini-LED screen on this handheld device. We don’t expect any hiccups with the new launch as we have no reason to when they’ve been able to keep up with the demand so far. How can they get it so right and others just can’t seem to figure out the correct formula?

2021 already has 2 new consoles for us but could there be third competitor? Many industry analysts are predicting that an upgraded Nintendo Switch in 2021 and could it be the Nintendo Switch Pro?  What more can be done to this already stellar hybrid console? As we said earlier, we’re expecting the Pro version to bring a boost in power and resolution with possibilities of 4K visuals.

These rumours are backed by the report that Nintendo has been asking game developers to support a 4K TV in docked mode- promising in our opinion. So just when 2021 wasn’t looking to promising for the world of consoles and their elusive restocks, the Nintendo Switch is both available and cheaper and is soon to be upgraded to a pro version that will break the barriers for handheld devices and consoles.

All this being said, we can’t ignore the fact that the Nintendo Switch is doing exceptionally well with sales and the developers have probably realised that there is no need to bring put an upgraded version at this point in time. Why fix something that isn’t broken? However, some Nintendo Switch fans do have a few alterations that they would like to see if an upgrade is on the way.

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Besides the 4K visuals that would have fans at their knees, a faster processor would really seal the deal for many. A bigger hard drive would be a great plus as well as a longer battery life. But other than that, there are very few complaints out there with regards to the Nintendo Switch so we’d be interested to see what the Pro version could bring to the already perfect table…

So, although nothing has been confirmed, we’re excited for anything that Nintendo has in store for us and can’t wait to see what tricks they have up their sleeves for a possible Pro console. Bring on 2021. The year of the consoles!

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