Recently, Crystal Dynamics confirmed that after months of temporaly exlusivity for Xbox One and PC, Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released for PlayStation 4 within this year. But this PS4 version could be developed by Avalanche Studios, maybe. In fact, giving a look to the official Buy Rise of the Tomb Raider website – and thanks to the main .css file – we found two images shouldn’t be there: PS4 logo (ok, we expected for this) and Avalanche Studios logo. This last image make us thinking about the reason their presence on a official Rise of the Tomb Raider site. Is it there for mistake? Or maybe is Avalanche Studios working at the porting to PS4 version of Lara Croft’s game? It wouldn’t be so inconceivable, because Avalanche Studios often worked for Square-Enix.

If you want to see with your eyes (if Crystal Dynamics doesn’t delete them first), here’s the PS4 Logo Link, and here the Avalanche Studios Logo. These logos are white coloured, so we recommend to save them, or (for experts) use the Google Chrome’s DevTools Console, changing the background color to black.

Moreover on Rise of the Tomb Raider – PlayStation 4 Amazon page, the packshot/cover doesn’t report the Crystal Dynamics logo as is shown by Xbox One version, but only “Square-Enix”. But, we will not be sure, until an official announce of the release.

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