The Best Strategy Games – 4 Favourites

Many have their own opinions when it comes to the debate of what the best strategy games are, but we’ve tried our best to round up the top strategy games based on popularity and statistics.

A strategy game is a game that will get you thinking and make you fight to save your people and teach you how to run your village like a king. Sound like your type of game? Keep on reading.

Some will say that StarCraft ll deserves a mention or that Civilisations Vl should make an appearance on the list, but we’re here to list and critique some of the latest and most significant games from the strategy genre of the gaming world.

With so many variations under the broad umbrella of ‘strategy games’, such as the games that require you to create and look after your own town or the complete fantasy world that Total War and StarCraft create for you. Here are a few that might tickle your fancy so let’s get stuck in right away and you can decide on your favourite.

In no particular order, here are our top choices for the best strategy games with our reasoning for the decision under every title.


Into the breach

Into the breach in the perfect hardcore strategy game that ignores all the irrelevant matters that many other strategy games choose to focus on. In this game you’ll look at the raw, basic yet important matters at hand. You’ll be fighting the enemy, saving civilians and fighting alongside your men, making decisions on the spot that could either ensure your success or your downfall.

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Each decision matters in this high drama game that will always have you on the edge of your seat. The minimally animated, 2D presentation doesn’t even come into play when enjoying this game. This game focuses on the word ‘strategy’ in the most elegant way by creating a story that will unfold before your eyes in the most amazing ways.


Off World Trading Company 

What it is exactly is right there in the title. This strategy game revolves around trade, who will buy your stock, what you are going to sell, whose company will you takeover and various other thrilling marketing and management thrills.

To an outsider, this might sound like a glorified office job that you’ll be able to do from your PC but to those that have played the game for themselves, they’ll know the exciting truth that is the Off World Trading Company.

Based on the planet Mars, this evolution-inspired game has one true goal, how much wealth you can accumulate on the planet Mars.

Manipulate and manage the stock market to your advantage and find victories in the process. Ruin the lives of your competitors with you strategic decision-making skills and always remember who and what you’re dealing with. As your weapons are your stock, things might get a little bit messy from time to time so always be prepared for the worst.

Alliances are key but can also be deadly so remember to always keep your enemies close with this game…



Mutant uprising, discoveries and robots…what more could you ask for from a strategy game?

Create and manipulate your way through this imaginary world by making your own choices and decisions that will determine the outcome of your journey. Create your own civilization and choose between an army of robots or even highly intelligent lizards. The game is all about farming and fighting as you navigate your way through the world exploring and discovering new truths that will make you question your very own existence.

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Create the perfect species with the help of your fellow alien-loving friends as this game is also available in multiplayer mode.



This game combines all your favourite qualities from your favourite games to create the perfect strategy game that requires extreme tactics and quick decision-making skills. Battle evil aliens and fight alongside a strange combination of heroes as you fight for what is right.

A game revolves heavily around guerrilla tactics; the main goal is to take down the extreme alien regime that has taken over. You’ll be required to fight off strong forces and lose men in the process. In order to be successful in this game you have to continue to push through all the loss and falls and stand strong until the very end. This game is not easy and will require some guts.

Strategy is key in XCOM 2 and if you find the best way to do things, you’ll soon find success as you learn to infiltrate, hunt and increase your power and strength.

These 4 games are only a few from the vast world of strategy gaming but they are some of our top choices when looking for a game that will challenge you mentally all while providing some intense entertainment.

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