20 Best Halloween Games For Kids And Adults

Halloween can be a spooky good time for kids and adults alike, but you’ve got to have the right games for everyone to play. From glow-in-the-dark toys, to board games, if you have too many games just geared towards kids, then adults will feel bored, but if all the games are for adults instead, then kids might feel left out. That’s why it’s important to bridge the gap and have party games everyone can play at your Halloween gathering. Here are the 20 best Halloween games for kids and adults to play together!

1. Murder mystery

The best way for everyone at a Halloween party to have fun is with a compelling murder mystery. You can buy pre-built murder mystery game packages if you want to, or if you’re feeling creative, then you can try to make up your own! Everyone at a murder mystery party gets assigned a character, and one of you is the murderer. It’s up to the group to find out who that is and bring them to justice!

2. Apple-bobbing

It doesn’t get much more classic Halloween than bobbing for apples. This game involves a huge bowl full of apples in water (you can also use another liquid, as long as its density is not greater than that of apples), and players take it in turns to try and retrieve apples from the water without touching them. You’ll probably want to make sure that everyone in your group is COVID-safe before you go for this one!

3. Spooky name game

Have you ever played that game where you put a sticky note on someone’s head and they have to guess who they are from clues you give them? Well, why not adapt that game into a spooky version for Halloween? Choose famous scary characters from movies (make sure they’re kid-friendly again!) and have everyone take it in turns guessing at which horrifying figure they might be.

4. Mysterium

With its spooky theme and emphasis on co-operative gameplay, Mysterium is the perfect board game for a smaller group of players. One player takes the role of a ghost, while the others play as detectives trying to figure out who killed the ghost. Using clues provided by the ghost player, the detectives must work out who the murderer was and where the ghost was killed. It’s essentially a more advanced and interesting version of Cluedo.

5. Treasure hunt

If there’s someone in your group who likes to plan out riddles and puzzles for everyone else, then a treasure hunt could be just what the doctor ordered. Leave little spooky clues around the house (or any other location) for everyone else to follow, and if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can add spooky adornments to the clues as well, like toy spiders or little plastic pumpkins. The sky’s the limit! 

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6. Spooky shell game

The shell game is a popular pastime in which something – it could be a ball, a coin, or something creepy like a little plastic eyeball – is placed beneath a cup. Other cups are also present with nothing underneath them, and you then switch the cups around so that everyone has to guess which one the ball is under. With some Halloween-themed decoration, you can easily make this game into a terrifying delight.

7. Werewolf

Social deduction games are becoming more and more popular since the advent of Among Us. Werewolf is arguably the game that started the trend; if your group doesn’t mind a little good-natured arguing and debating, Werewolf will be the ideal choice for you. Players are divided into villagers and werewolves, and it’s up to the villagers to figure out who the werewolves are.

8. Guessing game

One easy game to set up is the classic guessing game whereby you put a huge amount of something – usually sweets, but it could be anything – into a jar and have players try to figure out how much of that thing there is. This game is easily playable by absolutely anyone, since all it requires is a guess on the players’ behalf. For an extra spooky touch, scatter some plastic spiders throughout the jar as well!

9. Phasmophobia

This is a video game that you can probably only play if you’ve got older kids with you. Younger children should steer clear of this one, but older teens and adults will have a whale of a time with it. Phasmophobia casts you as ghost hunters heading into a house and trying to find evidence of ghostly activity within it. You’ll need to work together to figure out what kind of ghost you’re dealing with.

10. Death Charades

You’ve played the classic game of Charades, right? Well, Death Charadesis basically that, but for death. You and your friends must act out various different ways to die, with the other players guessing what the first player is trying to act out. It’s a great way to put a creepy twist on a classic game, and it’ll liven up Charades as well, which can sometimes be a little dull.

11. Mansions of Madness

Another excellent board game for a smaller group, Mansions of Madness is for players aged 14 and up, so make sure your group doesn’t have anyone younger in it before you play. You’ll essentially be exploring H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying universe of cosmic abominations, so if you’ve got kids who are just starting to explore Lovecraft’s oeuvre, this is a great way for them to experience it in an interactive manner.

12. The Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox makes some incredible party games for you and your friends and family to play, and nestled within the many Jackbox collections out there are some great Halloween-themed treats. Trivia Murder Party is a particular highlight, but if you’re in the mood, you can make pretty much any Jackbox party game spooky; just ignore the in-built theming and keep all of your answers and contributions Halloween-related.

13. Bucket Of Doom

This great board game from reliable stalwarts Big Potato has you and your fellow party-goers picking out scenarios from a bucket, then telling everyone how you would escape from those scenarios. You’ll be given some wacky objects to help you as well, so even the more reluctant among you should be able to come up with some exciting and hilarious solutions to the situations Bucket of Doom gives you.

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14. Ouija board

Did you know that the first Ouija board for sale appeared in 1891? It’s true; these boards aren’t quite as ancient as their manufacturers would have you believe. Still, they make for a great party trick, and if you and your friends are looking for some immersive spooky entertainment, they’re a perfect option. Just don’t blame us if your friends from the other side come looking for you afterwards…

15. A mock seance

This isn’t really a party game per se, but it can be a fun way to play some immersive role-playing games with your party. Conducting a mock seance to contact a person from beyond the grave (make sure they’re fictional or a long-dead celebrity so that nobody gets upset) is an excellent way to get everyone in the Halloween party involved, and it can spook kids and adults alike!

16. Tarot cards

We’ve all seen those movies in which people get spooky Tarot readings, right? Well, you could recreate those scenes quite easily with a deck of your own Tarot cards. Learning to read them can be a fun and interesting experience in and of itself, and you can decorate your “Tarot parlour” with all kinds of weird and wonderful accoutrements to make the experience that much more immersive.

17. Karaoke

You can get inexpensive karaoke mics pretty easily, so why not host a round of Halloween-themed karaoke for your party night? There are some excellent spooky tunes out there that you and your party can belt out together, and if you want to make it competitive, you can even set up a board of judges to decide who sang “Monster Mash” better! 

18. Trivia games

Why not host your very own “pub quiz”-style trivia game for Halloween? Come up with some spooky trivia questions surrounding scary movies or creepy chart hit songs, and have your party guests organised into teams as they try to answer the questions. Again, do make sure that everyone at the party is able to participate; try not to make the questions too hard for any kids that are present!

19. Scavenger hunt

While the mechanics of a scavenger hunt aren’t too dissimilar to those of a treasure hunt, it’s a little different; you’re not necessarily leaving clues for your group, but just scattering objects around the house or around an area for them to find. Make the objects spooky – a spider, a pumpkin, an eyeball – and you’ve got yourself a classic, easy Halloween game!

20. Halloween art contest

For an easy, inclusive Halloween challenge, try asking your guests to draw a piece of Halloween-themed artwork for you. This is a game you can have running “in the background” of your Halloween event; when things are a little quieter or there’s a lull in proceedings, guests can return to their drawings and add a little, and you can judge them at the end of the night (the drawings, not the guests!).      

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