Minecraft vs. Roblox

If you are looking for games like Minecraft , you will surely get Roblox . Why? Because these two sandbox style games have a lot in common. The two let you design games, meet other players, and of course, play for hours. These games also have an online community that serves as support and is always available to help.

However, Minecraft and Roblox have many differences. Below we show you 6 elements that compare them.


Minecraft . For children over 8 years. It has an open, exploration and creation-focused environment that allows players to create objects and buildings from scratch, with the use of materials that are collected in the world around them.

Roblox . For children over 10 years. It is a creation games site, where users design and upload their own games, and also play in other environments with several players.

2 – Price

Minecraft . It has a higher initial cost, however, Roblox collects additional fees. The cost of Minecraft is USD 26.95 for PC and Mac, and after that it is free (however, it has a cost for advanced levels).

Roblox lets you play and design few things for free, but you need to subscribe if you want to play what is really fun, such as customizing your avatar, buying and exchanging weapons and creating additional games. You can buy Roblox with the game currency, Robux, but it is worth signing up for the basic membership (USD 5.95 per month for Builders Group) that eliminates advertising, allows you to have more games and allows you to buy.

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3 – Easy to use

Both are difficult, however, this is one of the things that makes each of the games unique and fun.
Minecraft has no instructions, but offers three levels of difficulty. You learn to play by exploring, experimenting, watching videos on YouTube and reading what other fans write.

Roblox offers two modalities: play and create. Playing other people’s games offers a lot of variety, but it can be frustrating since the games are designed by each user. For children who are interested in creating their own games, Roblox offers many instructions, a wiki and a community of helpful players.

4 – Social Aspects

This is one of the most important points. While the two games allow multiple players, Minecraft pays more attention to playing alone, and Roblox is social from the moment you sign up, since making friends and chatting is a big part of the game. Both Minecraft and Roblox They have a lot of user-generated content, with players of all ages, including adults and children, who contribute and compete. Because the content is generated by users, children are exposed to strong language, suggestive sexual images and violence. However, it is possible to handle these variants, and it can be done through game controls. Roblox offers a safe conversation mode and lets you block people and report bad behaviors. Minecraft has no restrictions with comments from people, however, it allows you to ignore other players (children can also choose to play alone or with specific friends).

5 – Ease of use for children

Minecraft and Roblox have an immense number of followers online, so children find a lot of information, such as wikis, videos on YouTube and even forums on Reddit. All of the above may expose them to adult content when they seek information about the games. Also, Roblox lets users introduce advertising, which means that children can find in-game marketing. Violence can be a problem in both games, since in Roblox, users who load games tend to be more shooting-style, explosions and disasters, and in Minecraft they tend to be hand-to-hand fighting, although they are represented in caricature.

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6 – Learning and creativity

Yes! The two games can teach the basics of coding on the computer ( Minecraft uses Java adapted to Minecraft , and Roblox uses the Lua programming language), although Minecraft has an educational advantage. Both promote mathematical skills, thinking and reasoning, problem solving and collaboration. The two games are emerging more in the after school classes, computer courses and even in the teachers’ class plans, because the skills that can be obtained by creating digital content and interacting with others online are essential in the present.

Our advice: given the nature of these two games, consider being with your children when they are learning, and look for related content in online forums so that together they discover what is the best game for their age, experience and interests.

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