The Best 5 New MMORPGs to Look Out for in 2022

Looking for some new online action and roleplay games to get stuck into? Here are some of the best up-and-comers of 2022.

There is one style of game that has increased in popularity ever since it was first invented: the MMO. Massively Multiplayer Online games come in all shapes and sizes, but we are concerning ourselves with the Action Role Play Games specifically. There are long lists of these games since they first surfaced in the nineties. We will review some of these momentarily before we get to the meat of the article, the newest games to look out for in 2022.

A Bit of MMORPG Background

MMOs came about with the mass roll out of the internet. When the first webpages went online circa 1995, we were seeing the market pepper with MMO games. Some say the first was Neverwinter Nights back in 1991. Others say the first MMO was Island of Kesmai, in the 1980s. The first of these to be online as we know it today was a game called The Realm Online, released in 1996. 

Regardless of who did what first, MMOs eventually split into different niches. The MMO RPG developed as a fantasy, experience gathering, level progression version of the MMO. Games like RuneScape and Ultima Online became early pioneers in this area. Both games are still in play to this day, proving the longevity of this type of gaming.

As we move into 2022, we see the potential for VR and AI crossed with MMORPG games; we added in the “Action” part in the middle to cover games with massive battles or constant action. The future of this genre is full of endless possibilities when you look back at how far we have come already. To create an MMORPG is to create a modern classic. So, let us peek at what 2022 is going to bring us.

The 5 Best New MMO/RPGs to Look for in 2022

Instead of looking back through the oldest, here are some of the newest games to look for.

1 – Lost Ark (Released Feb 2022)

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO-action RPG. This 3D high fantasy game lets you chop your way through a demon army to find an Ark… Just like Indiana Jones but without the copyrights. Game developers Smilegate already released the game in Japan, Korea, and Russia but recently launched servers in the US and Europe. 

Found on Steam and Amazon games, this MMO lets you choose between a substantial five main character tropes with 15 specializations in each class. Classes include Mages, bards, assassins, warriors, gunslingers, martial artists, and more. This is a free-to-play game in which you progress through in-game gold. Unfortunately, it can be hard to come by. However, you can get lost ark gold offline to make your job easier.

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The game offers in-game rewards for players to make it more enticing. You can earn battle chests, get monthly free games, and other things when you join Prime Gaming to download Lost Ark. It is a free-to-play game that is now available to stream on Twitch, too. Watching streams even unlock parts of the game for the avid player. They have built a complex world that looks impressive so far. 

2 – Corepunk (June 2022)

Set to release for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S in June 2022, Corepunk is the long-awaited third-person MMORPG. It operates a top-down facing camera and uses fog-of-war for a seamless gaming experience. This game is dungeon-focused, with character construction a considerable part of the model.

Corepunk will have an open world with randomly generated dungeons and monster encounters. It will feature established dungeons that you can conquer with four people. Developers packed the game with lore, guilds, and unique camps you can explore. You can still sign up for the Beta version of this game on their website, but you better be fast. 

You have an entire world to explore, including futuristic, space-age zones and empty deserts. Character creation allows for several classes, with several races to choose from. Some of those races include orcs and elves. You can loot, gain experience, and interact with some world features. It is set to be a fantastic new game on the MMORPG scene.

3 – Rulers of the Sea (May 2022)

The Rulers of the Sea game seeks to be an MMORPG set in 1750. This historical style of play was first popularized by Sid Meier with his Colonization games back in the mid-90s. This modern version will contain quite a lot of upgrades since then.

There are 760 cities in this game, each one perched on the edge of the vast ocean. You choose where to settle down, which is the port you call home. Your character can have a family, a warehouse, become a pirate, or a trader. You have the choice of 40+ careers and business interests. If you want to level up, you need to go to college or university and study. 

The game faces release for PC, Android, and iOS, so it will be small enough to run on a phone. It aims to be a strategy game, encouraging players to think of the long term and plan accordingly. One of the best things about this up-and-coming MMORPG of 2022 is historically accurate. The careers will be relevant, the exams will teach you about the late Medieval Period, and you will learn about trade routes and port cities as you play. 

The makers want this world to be economical, political, and business-based. You can choose to be a small-time trader raising a family, or you can choose to be an international merchant profiting off the hard work of an army of servants. It’s up to you. We are eager to see how deep this game’s history will go. It’s one to watch for the coming year.

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4 – The Day Before (Summer 2022)

The Day Before aims to take advantage of our survival instincts after recent world events. This game is an open-world MMO, though not technically an RPG. It uses experience to level you up, and there are limited characters to choose from. Set to release in summer 2022, this is a survival game at its very finest. Defeat bad guys to level up and build up your shelter to create a safer sanctuary. 

This game is going to be a little scarier than you think. The game contains lots of searching through the dark, abandoned buildings for supplies. There’s some driving involved, often through destroyed streets littered with debris. The Day Before looks like an advance on similar games played on mobiles. You collect the tools and items you need to survive, and you explore the city as you do so.

Although the creators say it is an open world, we don’t know much more about it than that. Did we mention there are zombies? The other survivors will attack you if they find you. This adds an extra layer of fear to an already dark game. Set in post-pandemic America, let’s hope there’s nothing prophetic about it. 

5 – Embers Adrift (2022)

Embers Adrift will be an MMORPG where the player versus the environment. It is a sandbox-style game set to face release in 2022. It will focus on world-building and creating a community around the game. It will be an adventurous foray into an unexplored, uncharted world, where you and your teammates can do as you please. 

This game combines the unknown fear of the dark that prehistoric people felt with the power of conquering an area. It encourages you to tame the environment around you, sharing your risk and rewards with those around you. 

The game has graphics reminiscent of the Elder Scrolls games. There are open landscapes of hills and forests, mountains and lakes. Set up camps intermittently or build homes as you go. Explore with a sense of adventure and engage with what developers will be an ever-expanding land. 

Embers Drift set to be one of those games that you lose hours inside. It combines exploration with a set of classes, choices in weaponry, and the spirit of adventure. Level up while you explore or unlock new tools based on skills you learn. Everything you want from an RPG; we just need a set release date.

Do not Forget the Classic MMORPGs.

Just because we have a dazzling array of new gaming to come in 2022 does not mean that we can neglect the classics. If you try all the games above and still want more, fall back to Skyrim, Warcraft, RuneScape, and Lord of the Rings. There is an MMORPG out there for everyone. It might take a little world exploration before you find it, but it is out there. All you must do is look.

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